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    I just wanna know if anybody else uses this

    I just wanna know if anybody has used running as a stress reliever. I know it helps me out a lot getting both an exercise and stress relief at the same time. Usually I can run out about 4 to 5 miles. If I'm stressed out usually I can run all night. I know this obviously isn't for everyone but if you ever get the chance try it out. Run, walk, bike, just exercise ... something. If anybody could give me just a rough idea of what induces the stress relief with just simple exercising that would be great.


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    I just wanna know if anybody else uses this

    When I was younger, definitely.

    Unfortunately, I kept tearing ligaments in my feet and ankles and, running being as addictive as it is, kept going back to running before they were completely healed.

    Then I really did a number on the ligament pod in one foot piling hay in a barn. That was it for running for me :o(

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    I just wanna know if anybody else uses this

    Yeah it is definetly addicting. I understand the whole bones hurting and tearing part of it. I am a wrestler and a soccer player. My ortho doc keeps telling me that if I keep running on my bad knee I may have to get a replac a lot sooner then most people like 25 or somethin. But I haven't listened my doc in the first place why start now : )[/img]

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