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    Re: 5 Questions About Migraine: Answered

    Urg... I forgot to mention when there are extreme weather changes, like we have a nasty storm coming in this evening, but this morning I woke up early-ish (as opposed to sleeping in comfortably on a day off) because my head was killing me. I took my thyroid pill & Symbicort, had a hot hot shower which helped somewhat, but after about 45 min I didn't think I could wait any longer and took the Zomig. I probably should have waited at least the full hour, because I started to feel mildly nauseated (but not so terrible as when I tried in the past to take all three medications at once). So I went for a good two hour nap, but I felt no pain when I woke up. Just groggy: it kind of feels like you are still experiencing the symptoms of the migraine but without the pain. lol I was starving by then so had a big meal and went to the dentist appointment I had. I felt like taking a nap while they were cleaning my teeth! lol Good thing I didn't have to work today, or this would have been one of those times I needed to take off work. Most of the time if I take my Zomig I still go/continue to work because I can still function fairly well when there is no pain. Just as long as all I have to do is help people over the phone and I don't have to use any heavy machinery, it should be good... 8P

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