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    Overeating is an eating disorder too

    I have a neice who would be considered morbidly obese. She is so overweight that she finds walking difficult and it has severely affected her general health. She cannot stop over eating however. She tries to diet and has done so for years but cannot get control of her need to eat.

    Obviously this is an addiction and needs to be treated on an emotional/psychological level. All she ever gets from her doctor however is a diet sheet! By the same token anyone going to the doctors who is underweight (anorexic) and is equally suffering ill health as a result of food or the lack of it, is treated sympathetically and given emotional and psychological support. To a slightly lesser degree bulimics are treated sensitively and it is generally understood that they need help.

    People who drastically and consistently over eat themselves to enormous proportions clearly have an eating disorder - as much so as anorexics and bulimics. Why are very overweight people treated as just greedy people and seldom offered appropriate care and support (in the UK at least) and just fobbed off with a diet sheet? My neice knows what it is to eat healthy. Its the lack of control and compulsive aspect that she needs help to address

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    Overeating is an eating disorder too

    Therapists here in Canada who work with eating disorders certainly recognize and treat compulsive overeating and obesity as eating disorders (although obesity can of course have other causes).

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    Overeating is an eating disorder too

    Hi David

    I am glad that it is treated with undestanding in Canada. I know in the US too there is quite an obesity problem and I know it is treated psychologically as well as nutritionally. There isnt too much of that here unfortunately- although there are pockets of support, mainly in London I think. Its few and far between. My neice actually asked if there was someone she could talk to who could help her get over the need to eat all the time and the doctor just told her to use willpower and gave her a diet sheet.

    Generally in England it isnt treated in the same way as the other more accepted eating disorders

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    Overeating is an eating disorder too

    I wonder if you might have better luck with an eating disorder specialist...

    Try here:

    Colchester Eating Disorder Support Centre - UK
    15 Queen Street
    Colchester, Essex U.K.
    Phone: 01206 710017
    Help Line: 01206 563636

    Eating Disorders Association - UK
    1st Floor, Windsor House
    103 Prince of Wales Road
    Norwich NR1 1DW UK
    Phone: 0870 770 3256
    Adult Help Line: 0845 634 1414
    Youth Help Line: 0845 634 7650
    Textphone: 01603 753322 (hearing impaired)
    National Centre for Eating Disorders
    54 New Road, Esher, Surrey KT10 9NU - Tel: 0845 838 20 40

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    Overeating is an eating disorder too

    Thanks for those David - I will pass them on to my neice. She will pleased that there is something around after all. Colchester isnt that far form where she lives - well about an hour and a half away

    Thanks again!

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    Overeating is an eating disorder too

    I have some rerlatives in Saffron Walden and spent about a year there as a boy... do you know it?

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    Overeating is an eating disorder too

    Hi David

    Yes I do know Saffron Walden, at least I have been through it before a couple of times. Its actually isnt that far from where I live (about a 45 minute drive) and a lovely old town quite near Cambridge (where the university is) I think.

    I havent ever been to Canada yet - but I'd like to one day!

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    Re: Overeating is an eating disorder too

    I have some rerlatives in Saffron Walden and spent about a year there as a boy... do you know it?
    By the way ... I spent the day is Saffron Walden today visiting friends. They have a big church right in the you remember it? we had lunch there too its a lovely little town

    bi for now

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    Re: Overeating is an eating disorder too

    It was a long time ago and I visited a lot of places that year - York, Oxford, Cambridge, Banbury, Robin Hood's Bay, Whitby, Blackpool, London, etc. Later I went back a couple of times so I got to see some of the north (Newcastle, etc.) as well.

    I remember a long street down a hill and lots of stone buildings. One of my little brothers had a big wad of gum and he stuck one end to a building and stretched it all down the hill as far as he could.

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    Re: Overeating is an eating disorder too

    Hey David! you got to see more of England than me ... and I live here! Ive been to York also Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby... nice places.

    Like the gum idea, bet that left a trail of sticky shoes in his wake !!



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