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    List of bad sides

    Here are some of the dissadvantages of bulimia and some of anorexia that I have found

    1. the shame you would feel if someone found out
    2. the pain that you feel when you make yourself sick
    3. the feeling of depression that comes when you look at the scale and you are heavier or even when you dd not reack the gol you set.
    4. the sadness you feel when you go to bed at night knowing tomorow it will be the same or maybe even worst
    5. the mixed emotions that overwelme you... i wan to stop.. but I need her she is me
    6. The looks of people arround you
    7. people tell you you are thin but you can't see it to yourself and only you you are fat
    8. The feeling of worthlessness and shame after making yourself sick
    continue if you can there are so many reasons and the list never ends maybe it could help all of us with these disorders to see that it is not all good

    sure you probably think ..but it feels so good to be in control OI now I do but writting this is "a last attempt to help myself " and also an attempt to help others so please add to the list
    Life is all a perception. Do you see what I see? ...
    The more I fade away, the more they want me to stay...

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    list of bad sides

    Adding to your list...

    9. The guilt - when you eat, even a normal amount and for putting your family through pain

    10. The separation that happens between your body and mind - ie) your body is starving but you don't believe you need or should have food

    11. The deterioration of your body - like when you try to do a physical activity and discover you no longer have the strength for it

    I don't mean to sound depressing, but I guess these are aspects of an ed that we have to think about and not be in denial of...

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    continuing the list
    12. the fear you see in your families eyes when they hospitalise you for the first time ... and the second time and so on...
    13. The lack of trust that comes when you are diagnost or realeased from the hospital..
    14. The comments that people will say about the weigth loss and how you look terrible.. or even as bulimic if you gained..
    15. The fact that everyone tell you you are thin and you just can't see it no matter what even though you try
    16. the dissapointment you get when you don't see that you are too thin and want so desperatly to see it
    Life is all a perception. Do you see what I see? ...
    The more I fade away, the more they want me to stay...

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    list of bad sides

    adding on...

    17. The fact that you dont want to give it up, even though you say you do
    18. You dont know who you are without an ed. it defines you
    19 Seeing your friends or family go through the same pain and suffering you are trying to get rid of yourself.
    20. The feeling like you could die at any moment but you dont even care as long as youre skinny and in control

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    I find it so amasing and odd that some of us see and realise all of these aspects of this disorder and yet continue ... why I will never undserstand it is like if someone puts there hand in the fire knows that it burns and put s it in again logically people would say ... eat or stop making yourself sck of even .. take your hand out of the fire it will burn but that message is not properly recepted in our minds .... I know it is rong it hurts but I continue becasue I am afraid of the unknown and have been for so long used to my anorexia ...
    Life is all a perception. Do you see what I see? ...
    The more I fade away, the more they want me to stay...

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    list of bad sides

    thats a good analogy. i can see what you mean. you feel defined by your anorexia and without , what will you be. possibly normal. its weird. I wish we could all not have to deal with this battle. its awful how we define ourselves by an eating disorder. but it still happens and it just really sucks. im sure you know that though

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    list of bad sides

    It's strange, because when you first develop an ed you don't know how sick you are and you're in denial, so it's understandable why you don't stop before you get dangerously thin or hurt youself by purging. But, once you realize it, you're not in denial and you decide to get better, it's still really hard. Although I was able to get better after realizing it for the first time, moving uphill slowly, I still have so many of the same feelings that come with an ed. Not as strong I guess, but I still continue to put standards on myself.
    Hmm, afraid of the unknown... What is the unknown exactly? Possibly getting fat? That's what it was for me. But, I think we have to look beyond the fear we see (like "getting fat") and figure out what that fear actually represents to us. Failure? Worthlessness? Perhaps a time in your life when you weren't happy?
    I know it would probably be better to not worry about it at all, but sometimes I think that I can take the things that I've learned about food and use them in a good way. For example, I can eat enough every day to be healthy, but I don't have to get fat. I think we learn something from every experience we have.
    Perhaps it somewhat different with binge eating, but I'm just talking about my own experience.



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