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Thread: "Snowman" here

  1. "Snowman" here

    I'm not made of's a nickname I have from another forum.

    I was shown this by someone who was very caring and sensitive....someone to whom I am known as "snowman".

    Thank you 4css!

    I'm kind of hyper sensitive at times, I've been to a psychiatrist about it. I admit I don't like to talk about makes me feel uncomfortable because I feel ultra-vulnerable about such deep and touching things.

    It's this same hyper sensitivity which helps me be good at music but it makes life a living he!! at times!

    I hope I won't make a big @$$ out of myself here, I'll try not to be a big mouth or anything.



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    Hello and welcome snowman I hope you find what you are looking for for help on this forum you will come to see that it is very helpfull as I have threw the last fiew weeks if you have any questions feel free to post them on the site and I am sure many will be glad to answer them so long and once again welcome
    yours trully
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    The more I fade away, the more they want me to stay...

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    "Snowman" here

    Hi "Snowman"
    good to see that you made it in. I know you will find this a very caring place to visit.

    Its been a while since I have been in, need to make it in a bit more.

    Dr.Baxter is a terrific person, and I know that he has helped me a great deal, along with a bunch of other great people in here.

    Welcome, enjoy your stay.

  4. "Snowman" here

    Welcome, Snowman! It's sorta cool to have snow in July! :o)

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    "Snowman" here

    That Lady - it's not cool when you live in Alberta and it's a reality some years! <grin>

    (It's neat the first time; after that it's just a pain! Our summers are short enough as it is).
    ~ Allow yourself to be the light that the world so desperately needs. ~ Unknown

  6. "Snowman" here


    not that this has any relevance but I have a friend who we call ice boy!!! LOL!!! Just thought that I would share for interest sake!




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