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    CSAI-2R Questionaire


    I am having difficulty calculating the CSAI-2R (Cognitive State Anxiety Questionaire). I must stress that it is for the CSAI-2R and not the CSAI-2 questionaire, which I am having trouble with. Because the CSAI-2R is a Revised/shortened version of the CSAI-2 questionaire, I am getting lower mean and Standard Deviation scores. Obviously, when comparing the obtained results to Norm Values, They are incomparable. Can somone please help me?

    I would like to know what I am doing wrong. I believe that I should be using a different calculation to get standardised scores but do not know what to do.

    Thank you,


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    CSAI-2R Questionaire

    Sarah, I'm not familiar with that specific test since I don't use it. However, there must be some journal articles, etc., or if it is a published test the test manual that would tell you how to do this. Alternatively, track down and email the authors of the test.



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