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  1. I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    Gosh, who hasn't said that before..... I've been writing this blog about the things that happened to me when I was a kid and also about things that are happening to me now. There is this girl I used to date and she was the first one i told about what happened. Spur of the moment I decided to give her the address to the web blog. Me and her aren't even friends anymore.... I bet she is going to think Im a total freak'n wierdo.... is there anyway I can play this off?

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    I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    Hi awthedude;

    It's hard to tell from your post whether the friendship ended because of the blog or something else. It is not unusual to feel open with a friend and share things that we normally wouldn't. It is not a mistake, it's how some friendships evolve. It's a show of trust and an invitation to be trusted.

  3. I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    Oh... we broke it off two years ago and we have been talking on and off since.... then just now i put up the blog..... i don't know whether she'll think im a wierdo now or not..... gosh, i feel like a wierdo most of the time :(

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    I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    I think you're worrying too much again...

  5. I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    prob right.... yea i guess maybe so :/

  6. I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    Isn't it odd how we always expect others to view things in the same way we view them? Even odder is the fact that, a good deal of the time, others see things in a totally different light. Rather than put thoughts in their heads, it's usually a good idea to wait and see what thoughts they voice, if any. Otherwise, we're basing all our worries on assumptions. ;o)

  7. I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    that's definitely true, thanks for the advice.

  8. I Think I Made A Bad Mistake...

    You're welcome, hon. I hope it helps you. :o)

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