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    Do you know your brain is getting better with age?

    Hey guys
    I am writing an article where I discuss what can be done to make the brain work better with age. Through this forum, I wish to know what you chaps out there feel about some aspects of the brain/mind. If I like your ideas I may even quote some of them in my article
    My questions
    1.does brain get better with age? you feel your brainpower is abating with age?

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    do you know your brain is getting better with age?

    Your brain's sharpness is directly proportional to how much work you do with it.
    Albert Einstein, according to some researches, was not a born genius. When his brain was studied, it was found that his brain contained a large no. of synapses which comes from using your brain – not a birth condition by any means.
    Scientifically speaking, your brain is receiving a million stimuli per second, but you notice a few important ones only. Here's it: the moment the brain makes notice of a stimulus, a string of information is added to the brain- there two neurons connect and make a synapse.
    So the more your brain labors, the more intelligent you be.
    In a recent statistical review of some two hundred studies of IQ published in the journal "Nature," Bernard Devlin, veteran scientist, said that genes account for no more than 48 percent of IQ. Fifty-two percent is a function of prenatal care, environment, and education.
    Although your early upbringing and genetic background “may” predispose you to have certain “natural” talents -- many researchers such as have shown that intelligence scores can be increased significantly through appropriate training at any age.
    Here are tips to perk up your brain:
    1. Improve your memory by forming associations among words you need to learn.
    2. Concentration flags when the body lacks vitamin b12. Have it enough by incorporating fruits like banana.
    3. Challenge your brain by learning new things.
    4. Don't let negative thoughts occupy your brain.
    5. Exercise keeps you and your brain in gear, chalk out time for it.

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    do you know your brain is getting better with age?

    Very interesting stuff, Dinsa. I'm not sure if this relates to your questions, but there was an article somewhere that talked about brain exercises to increase "mental agility" if you will. One of the exercises was to speak with some type of an accent. At work, our team meets weekly to discuss projects and such. This week, we all agreed to speak with an accent and chose southern. We had a blast. The aspects that intrigued me were:
    - it was challenging to speak southern-ese, and for some, right down uncomfortable.
    - once we started, it began to flow.
    - there were a couple of people that had difficulty adding the accent, however, after some exposure to the rest of us, I've noticed that they too began to pick it up.
    - it was a great meeting where subjects that normally challenge attention span, all of the sudden didn't seem so dreadful, but fun.
    - the exercise put all in a great mood.
    - next challange: french accent.



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