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Thread: Friendship

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    Why do people enjoy other people's company? I use to have a guy who follows me around all the time. I'm an independent person, and I found it annoying at times. It almost seems to me he's desperate to follow me around... or could want a friend, who knows. He talks and talks, but online, he barely says anything (maybe one instant msg every 10 min, with one or two words).

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    Do you mean he follows you around talking and talking in real life but becomes reticent onlne? Could be (1) he's multitasking between a lot of online conversations or games, or (2) techno-shy and/or just feels uncomfortable typing instead of talking (some people are the other way 'round).

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    He did in summer school, follows me around during break and talks. Sometimes, I don't understand people behaviour. What's 'techno-shy'? I don't think he's the type that msg ppl all the time. He always msgs ppl with a purpose (i.e. ask to hang out, ask help for hw) as he told me.
    Isn't typing talking in a way? Btw, I like this website and it's rapid service, David.

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    "techno-shy" is a word I just made up... meaning people who aren't that comfotable with technology like computers, instant messaging, text messaging, even telephones.

    Typing is indeed "talking in a way" but a different mode that some people dislike. One of my sisters doesn't even like email.

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    omg, my friend doesn't even check his email. I have to tell him to check it if I send something. I've always wondered why ppl are so eccentric on the internet... the psychology of the internet as I read from your forum. Oh good, I'm glad you define that word, b/c I tried looking it up. Techno means techno, and shy means shy, together, it didn't make sense :P. It makes me wonder why ppl have msn but don't talk... oh well. I would talk to ppl about this, except no one else I know understands psychology. I even analyze ppl for fun, as in read 'the enneagram' and classify ppl according to their mbi type. No one understands how I think completely. I wish I could find a bunch of psychology friends/geeks... hopefully I will in college in Sept.

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    sry, I didn't realize I accidentally posted twice :(. didn't mean to spam [terrible internet connection, arggg].

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    Don't worry about it, suicoted. It happens to all of us.

    We are apparently being moved to a new improved server sometime this weekend... that may make the pages load a bit faster for those of us on slow connections.

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    Oh wow, yeah, I know what you mean, dial-up is slow. Btw, do you think I'm suffering from obsessive compulsive behaviour if I spend hours surfing the web about psychology, reading about it? I analyze ppl, or break them up into chunks and 'learn' or dissect about them. Myself, I am an ESFJ. I use to be an INFJ. Teens these days still need to take time to learn more about who they are - it's quite enlightening. What about you, sir?

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    I don't remember what I am... the Myers-Briggs-type categories or typologies don't have a lot of serious validity. They're fun though. I even have a little program you can run from your computer...

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    In a way, IMs are like the telephone or the doorbell. They break into your consciousness without warning and without invitation. That may be another reason why many dislike them. On a message board, one does not feel pressed to answer immediately. An IM, however, demands your attention in a way that can be seen as intrusive.

    That comes from this old XNFP (right on the borderline between introvert and extrovert). ;-)

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