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    Re: Panic disorder/anxiety?

    Daniel: I didn't know that actually... I mentioned I was hesitant to go back on an SSRI so she set me up with a low dose and said we'd see what that did, but that I should definitely know within the two weeks... I am debating what to do with regards to upping it, unfortunately for financial reasons because if I up it they will cost me twice as much and I don't personally have insurance but my boyfriend does... once he fills out the papers I'm covered but it might be the type that pays you back... you still have to pay for meds upfront which still puts me in the same predicament.

    Always Changing: unfortunately my family doctor is 4-5 hours away so I go to a walk-in clinic... I can't call to speak to the doctor, I have to go and wait the standard 2 hours to see one. I can go on the days this particular doctor is working and request her specifically because she is getting to know my history, but that's about it. That's why I like to arm myself with as much information as possible before going

    As for small routine changes...The last three weeks I've taken weekends off... I think it's helping a lot. I run my own small freelance writing business and found a couple side jobs that I could work for the last 10 months or so I used up my weekends doing that to make extra money essentially working 7 days a week without breaks (I felt lazy knowing I could be making money and not doing anything)... the extra money is nice, but not at a cost to my health... I just need to manage my work habits better in order to be more productive and make more money during the week. I try to make myself relax on weekends and not worry too much, but just make sure to work hard during the week

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    As for small routine changes...The last three weeks I've taken weekends off... I think it's helping a lot.
    Good Job!

    Wow!! 4\5 hours is a long long ways to go. In your shoes I would be going to the walk in clinic too. I like that you know which day you can see the doctor who is getting to know you (and your history). Great thinking there.

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    Re: Panic disorder/anxiety?

    I try my best! Two times ago I went in to complain about the crazy dizziness/heart racing/legs feeling like jelly and requested her, but wound up with some crazy doctor who told me it was weather changes... :\

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    Re: Panic disorder/anxiety?

    Ah! I had a doctor who thought I was having a panic attack when I described to her that I couldn't breathe and almost thought I had to call an ambulance (clearly didn't read my family history of asthma)... And I also had swollen thyroid glands and was starting to feel an increase in appetite and lack of sleep and she thought, that although my thyroid test showed higher than normal I was making a big deal about nothing. Well, I quit seeing her and went to an asthma clinic that happened to be in another doctor's office several months later, and by then I was manic and had insomnia and talked like a chipmunk, had a resting heart rate of 120 beats a minute, sweating constantly, hands shaking, heart palpitations, ate like a whale but was thin as a reed, etc... The lady doing the clinic noticed my racing pulse and got a doctor... Who is now my actual doctor, and who figured out that I had Graves' Disease (hyper thyroid)... I tried for years to control my levels down but they didn't ever go down so I took a radiation treatment to kill off part of the thyroid. So now my thyroid levels are below normal and I have to take drugs my whole life to keep it to regular levels, but it's better than constantly keeping it down.

    I hate doctors who poo-poo your condition and make you feel like you are a hypochondriac when there is actual proof right there that there is something wrong. Duh!
    There is always tomorrow...

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    Re: Panic disorder/anxiety?

    I am happy you've finally narrowed it down! I think it's taken me so long because I don't correlate stressors with what I'm feeling. I feel somewhat dizzy all of the time, but I did some searching on this forum and found really good information on anxiety and dizziness. In addition, when it gets really bad (or I have a panic attack) I don't realize why....

    For example the other day my puppy, who is a serious source of anxiety (because he seemed to have serious healthy problems that turned out to be a delicate tummy) pooped out a bunch of bloody stuff on a walk. (This is somewhat normal because of his history, but it had not happened for a long time. It hasn't happened again since but don't worry... if it had happened continuously he would have been taken to the vet, but we are at the point now after so many vet trips that we know when to go to the vet and when not to based on other symptoms.) Anyway, immediately I felt very dizzy like everything was spinning and I got scared that I would faint and my dog would run into the street and whatnot, so I had to really try VERY hard to hold it together until we got home. But the thing was, I wasn't focusing on the issue that made me so worried when I felt like that...

    I think in my college years when I was also on effexor I became very very good at pushing worries and stress to the back of my mind and ignoring it. But somehow, even when ignoring it it affects me physically. I don't know if this makes much sense.

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    Re: Panic disorder/anxiety?

    Okay, upped to 20 mg now. For some reason, 7 pills of 20 mg (which I took half of for two weeks) and 14 pills of 20 mg (one per day for two weeks, plus a refill later) cost the same amount.
    I feel great right now but I know that's the placebo effect of taking more. We shall see

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