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    The Parental Planner: Scheduling in Shared Custody Parenting

    The Parental Planner
    France Gionet and Paul Doyon, Mabel Entreprises Inc.
    Creators and editors of the Parental Planner
    July 2011

    New tool now available in Canada

    The Parental Planner is a communication and organisation tool for parents who share custody of their child or children. Those who have experienced this situation know how complex it can be! Too often, it is the children who suffer the most from their parents' lack of organisation and communication.

    Just recently arrived on the market, the Parental Planner was created by parents who know firsthand the challenges of shared custody. Designed specifically to answer the needs of separated parents, the Parental Planner is meant to be passed between parents, in accordance with the child's custody schedule.

    It is important that professionals know about the Parental Planner so that they may recommend it to their clients, when appropriate. Contact us to get your free sample (limited quantity; please provide us with a mailing adress). And don't hesitate to pass this message on to anyone you think might find it useful.

    Visit our website:

    There, you can have a look at the characteristics of the Parental Planner.

    The Parental Planner is sold through our website and in selected bookstores. Shipping is free throughout Canada.

    Better communication, better parenting!

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    Re: The Parental Planner: Scheduling in Shared Custody Parenting

    Great resource, thank you for sharing it. I've seen this be a needless stress between divorcing parents.



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