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    Re: The Difference between D.I.D and Subpersonalities

    Two other books some people might find interesting on the subject of Subpersonalities.

    • Subpersonalities – The people Inside Us (Routledge 1990); limited free access
    • Discover your subpersonalities - Our Inner World and the People In It (Routledge 1993);

    both are written by John Rowan (psychologist).
    John Rowan (psychologist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Re: The Difference between D.I.D and Subpersonalities

    I think sometimes talking to the subpersonalities help to control the confusion

    i can relate to the one that has control seems like there is always that battle to keep control

    Wish i could sit down and read but i can't

    i use to love to read just to take in information not for reading sake but i can't do that now i just too tired

    What i have read makes me feel less abnormal lets say If we all have these subpersonas i guess some are just more intuned to them then others
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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