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Thread: Cursing at self

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    Cursing at self

    My fear of rejection and chronically low self esteem, I would assume, have incubated from my General Anxiety Disorder, of which I have self diagnosed through study. It's bad at times, hard to breathe.

    Among various minor self defeating behaviors, i curse at myself regarding mistakes, and when ever i remember the mistake. Over the years its become more frequent and visable to others. This is not terrets, what is it?

    thanx in advance


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    cursing at self

    I don't know if it's Tourette Syndrome or not, franklin. I would not try to diagnose you from a distance and you really shouldn't be trying to self-diagnose.

    I strongly recommend that you see a psychologist or psychiatrist for diagnostic questions and for adviced on how to go about addressing the problems you mention.

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    cursing at self


    Do you find that the cursing comes out even though you may not want to say these things, and after you say them think to yourself "Why did I do that?"

    Have you noticed any other habits over the years over which you felt you had little or no control?

    Self diagnosis is not reliable, even for trained health professionals, so consider getting a referral to a health professional with experience in diagnosing Tourette Syndrome...if indeed you feel this might be the case.

    There is no blood test to check for Tourette Syndrome, and is diagnosed through interview and observation which is why you would have to see a Neurologist, Psychiatrist or other health professional with training and experience with Tourette.

    Another resource could be a local Tourette Syndrome support organization who can point you in the right direction to get a qualified diagnosis.

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    cursing at self

    Dr. baxtor: I agree. I was going to wait until next semester until I could see an on campus phsychologist for free, for counseling or a reference, but maybe I should talk to some one now. I can't resolve this on my own steam alone.

    TSOW: Yes the cursing is feirce, and comes out whether i want it to or not. I can control it to a very small degree when people are around, and be quiet but something always comes out and I just mask it and continue to talk.

    Yes I do have another habit. At the same time i curse my whole body tenses and I hit something, once and feirce, usually my other hand, or a book shelf or table. It stings after words and after it stings for a little bit i stop immediately and return to the way i was.

    All of this happens in a fast blinding fury, seems all unconcious. I have little say when or where it happens.

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    cursing at self


    I would suggest you take charge of your own your health care and try to be seen by a health professional who has clinical experience with Tourette Syndrome.

    If indeed your outbursts of cursing are diagnosed as Tourette, the various tics whether motor tics or vocal tics can often be suppressed. So in some situations you may find you can hold back the cursing or other tics, but the tension often builds up and you need to release those tics.

    At that point, if you feel you don't want to disrupt the people around you, then leave the room, go into a stairwell or other private area and let loose.

    No one can diagnose online, so you need to be seen by a specialist to determine the cause of these behaviors and actions. Once you know what's going on, it can be dealt with and you can take back the power over your body.

    Where are you located? I may be able to point you to some local Tourette support services where you can get more information.

    In the meantime, have a look at this posting for more insights into Tourette Syndrome

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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