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Thread: hey! i am new!

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    hey! i am new!

    hello everybody!
    i am new member of this community!
    i am from india...
    i am very very sensitive person...
    this is the reason i beleive..i have lot of problems..
    well i am an engineering graduate.. and a research person.
    i am artist and do lot of modern paintings!

    so this is abt me.

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    hey! i am new!

    Welcome Helpme! We look forward to chatting with you! Take care,

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    hey! i am new!

    Thank you for your words which made me more comfortable to express my views!

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    hey! i am new!

    Welcome here now i am sure u will find the help you are looking for people are very kind and helpfull you will see for yourself and well i too look forward to be able to hep you when you need it
    Life is all a perception. Do you see what I see? ...
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