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    Hello to everyone


    My name is Benjamin. I'm basically a Mechanical stress analysis Engineer. I'm also doing a certification cource in Guidance and counselling . (oops... it's again stress, strain and fatigue). I found this to be a wonderful place where I can meet different & interesting people. Happy to join your forum as a friend of yours :-)


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    Hello to everyone

    Welcome to the forum, Benjamin. Engineering and Counseling... that's an unusual combination.

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    Hello to everyone

    Welcome, Benjamin! Glad to have you with us. As Dr. Baxter said, that's a very interesting combination of fields. :-)

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    Hello to everyone

    Welcome Benjamin! Glad you could be here with us! Take care,

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    It's nice to see smiling faces in a new place, and I see it here... Thanks to everyone...

    I don't see much difference in these two fields... Engineering materials and humans, both subjected to stress, strain, fatigue, creep.. etc ;-)

    and being frank, Materials are more preditable :-))

    once again .. Thanks

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    Hello to everyone

    Heh. That reminds me of why I went from Human Resources Management to health care. I figured that, at least, those in health care were, for the most part, lieing down and not quite so angry as those who were leaning over my desk yelling into my face. ;-)

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    Hello to everyone

    I don't think there's any inherent contradiction between engineering and counseling, Benjamin. However, in my experience engineers tend to have high cognitive IQ and low emotional IQ - they readily understand computers and technology and are generally confused by people.

    Like any generalization, there are of course many exceptions. Apparently you're one of those exceptions... :o)



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