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    How do I help my son?

    My youngest son turned 13 this month and I am having problems trying to figure out what to do to help him...I am currently trying to find him a good therapist...My son is having some problems in school with some of the other children...they tease him alot...a couple weeks ago I was called into the school for a meeting with the counslor...apparently my son tried to choke himself with his shoelace because some girls and a couple boys were harrasing him during lunch and he thought that by doing that he would get some attention...he has only a couple friends he hangs with but both are bad infuluences on him but I feel like I cant tell him not to talk to them because they are his only friends he has had in the three years he's been here...and the fact at school he would just talk to them anyways...I talked with him about what is bothering him but he wont give me any specifics other than that he wants people to like him to be his friend and to be noticed...he is also beginning to be interested in girls to...I told him if he has a hard time in school like he has been
    having to tell the teacher he needs to go home and to call me and I will come get him...but I really dont know what to do...he is acting with more aggression and attitude it because he is going through hormonal changes now?...I do not understand how young adolecent boys behave as I have watched my girls grow up and boys are new to can i help him express his feelings better other than doing physical harm to himself?...are there good ways to get him to open up to me other than just trying to tell him he can talk to me?..I am very worried about him and I want whats best for him always so until i hear back from the doctors as to whether they can get him in soon I am looking for some help from anyone who understands teen behavior better than I do...
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    Re: How do I help my son?

    I'm not sure what to suggest but did want to write a reply.

    It's definitely good that you're looking to get a therapist. Can anything be worked out with the school counsellor in the mean time? Especially now that the counsellor knows that something's up, maybe that could be a better resource for him than self harm.

    Make sure you look after yourself as well.



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