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    Unhappy I'm hated by everyone

    I don't feel like I belong anywhere like I am not supposed to have even existed. Why do my parents hate me and say terrible things about me. I cant find anyone to help and I am just about to give up hope. I might even consider suicide.

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    Re: I'm hated by everyone

    Hello, dom.

    First of all, why do you think your parents hate you and why do you say you are no supposed to have even existed? And apart from the issues you may have with your parents, what about friends? Relatives? Neighbors? Is it really true that everyone hates you?

    Have you ever talked to the guidance counsellor at your school about how you feel? or even one of your teachers?

  3. Re: I'm hated by everyone

    Hi dom oh it is so hard hun when you feel so isolated.
    I am sorry that you feel your parents hate you hun
    . I don't know what is going on but i think if you talk to a councillor at your school like Dr. Baxter said you will be able to get some support for YOU okay.
    Talking to other people about your emotions how you are feeling so sad it helps hun.
    Kids your age i know can be cruel so talking to your teachers, the councillors, will help you find ways to fit in more ok.

    If you are being bullied you need to talk to someone now don't let it build up
    Your parents hun talk to them when they are not so tired and warn out from days work
    You talk quietly to them about how sad you are and i think you will see they will help you as well
    The thing is there is help hun so please reach out and get it so you don't feel so alone. hugs to you

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    Re: I'm hated by everyone

    Sometimes parents have to be responsible for your safety and well-being, which might seem like they hate you when they say you can't have something or can't go somewhere or have to have rules, but they really don't. Or is it something else that they are saying or doing that you feel is mean?

    Don't be afraid to reach out to someone else outside your family, as Dr. Baxter and Eclipse mentioned. It's good to see you found this forum, that's a good start. Hopefully if you give us a little more information we can point you in the right direction. We'd also be happy to just listen if you need to blow off a little steam in here.
    There is always tomorrow...

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    Re: I'm hated by everyone

    Your write about everyone not hating me I have my friends and brother but he is in a different country,and my parents do talk about me but in a bad way like they hate me. I haven't tried talking to my teacher or councilor but I will give it a go

    Thank you a lot Dr Baxter, Eclipse and Jollygreenjellybean ill follow the advise you guys gave me and talk to a counselor.

  6. Re: I'm hated by everyone

    Hi Dom i do hope you talk to a councillor today hun it will help you alot. Even if there is a special teacher that you trust talk to that person too ok Let us know how it goes ok hugs

  7. Re: I'm hated by everyone

    Hello Dom Hugs~

    How are you? I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so alone and disliked! It may seem like Suicide is the answer, but trust me it's not, people do care about you, a lot! Even if you don't see it. Sometimes looking for the people who care can be difficult too.

    I'm glad you reached out for help and support on here, that's very brave off you, keep us updated on how your doing Hugs~



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