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    Cognitive behaviour therapy

    I went to my doctor again today because I have been having periods where I forget stuff and where I seem to blank out and do things in that period and not remember etc... Well the doctor is getting me to go to have a neurological assessment for that.

    But because I was abused as a child and I often go into periods where I feel suicidal she wants to find me a person who can do Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with me because I only really go to my counsellor about once a month or so, sometimes even less!

    Has anyone done this and does anyone know about it?

    Thanks Heather...

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    Cognitive behaviour therapy!

    Most psychologists will have had training in CBT. Try looking under "Psychologists" in the Yellow Pages, or contact the licensing board for psychologists in your area.

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    Cognitive behaviour therapy!

    Thanks, the doctor said she would see if there is one at the uni I go to who would take me on, otherwise I will have to do what you said.

    Heather :)

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    Cognitive behaviour therapy!

    That's another good place to look, even if you're not a student there. If you are, you may have access to services at little or no cost.

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    Cognitive behaviour therapy!

    Thanks for the reply :)

    I am a student there, so we will see.

    Going to counselling tomorrow and next week back to the doctor!


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