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  1. Cognitive therapy for addiction to mental activity?

    How would you go about it? If you're body is too lame to do the mental activity (like from computers) and you really don't have anything else to do that you would like to, and you got 24 hours to your disposition but you don't want to sit quietly and just do nothing (even if your body need rests after workouts) or just watch the tv all day, how can you remove the need to do what you used to do (lots of computer gaming), what kinda questions do you ask yourself to treat yourself? i had a few reasons why i don't want to sit quiet, but i can't really solve it. I need the rest to be able to do what is fun and i hate be more than 5 min at rest (even when i sleep i am active). I am doing what's bad for my body and it's pretty much an addiction caused by too much mental activity for too long.

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    The first step in getting help would to talk to your doctor and get a referral to a specialist that can help you with your mental problems hun hugs

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    this is about the only treatment i haven't been having. Using "feeling good" by Dr. burns as self-help with Asperger diagnosis there is a lot of issues, I'm getting tons of info from the specialists in Aspergers as well as online treatment.
    I'm trying to verify if this is an addiction problem or a brain problem, or is it just how it is if you're doing a lot of mental activity for 30 years, would your brain be like this and you can't do anything about it? It's in the way of any treatment and I'm not able to be okay in social situations due to this and i feel very bad about my day cause of this (since I'm forced to not do anything due to my body has worked out and i can't rest cause of it). I really shouldn't be stressed out about sitting quiet should I?

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    the other problem is of course i need to wait for the morning to get responses from treatment people and sometimes weeks to get responses, i don't feel good when i don't get them (now had to wait all day for online person). i really want to be able to know all i can since i wanna know what to do with the issues that occur every day, and also i like behaving okay in social situations as well as not get frustrated at all times. People often do not have good enough responses and thus I'm doing the research myself.

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    Re: Cognitive therapy for addiction to mental activity?

    To better understand your situation, help us understand the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by avuna
    I'm getting tons of info from .......... online treatment.
    What does this mean?

    the other problem is of course i need to wait for the morning to get responses from treatment people and sometimes weeks to get responses,
    Where are you being made to wait for responses?

    Are you currently receiving medical care?
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  5. Re: Cognitive therapy for addiction to mental activity?

    The only way i can treat myself with cognitive therapy is to get rid of the mentality that i cannot solve my issues by it, but i can see that i can, but i keep wiring on it until the issues is solved and sometimes it takes a few days to find out what the problem is and do somethinga bout it, thus i bene asking for help when i am in this process, and i been refusing do something about myself but ask for help to get the day to pass cause i can't do anything(in my mind). So the problem is basically that i constantly think what i'm not getting and what is the problem, and sometimes i don't get responses right away when i feel it this way, so then i have to wait for next treatment session cause noone else can give me responses. also i have someone online to talk to, but sometimes i wait the entire day for him to get online, and thus i wasted a few hours thinking about an issue withotu getting anywhere. I have issues sort things and this kinda makes things harder. I think i found a few solutions onto what my behaviour is now tho, but sometimes i just want someone to listen to what the issue is and then it will pass cause i figure what is the problem(getting information from people who treat you or people you try to contact cause you want a response). My boredom is about my life being pretty bad when it comes to getting mental challenges, and i can't really find it anywhere(tv, computer is what i got now). Right now i'm trying a selftreatment with telling myself it's okay to feel this way if you're in pain or if you're not feeling good about not doing anything i just tell myself to relax and do it, and when things get depressive and anxious i just let the feeling pass and work on noting how much i feel this way and then the feeling is vanished cause you endure it. I also seek some homeopathy to get solutions and i found that some type of vaccination mentally could make your issues past, and that's waht i'm working on now. i wanna treat body issues with treatment of the symptoms like pain where i note the feelings it's causing me and then can live on with it. I guess my life is to treat myself now whenever i have free time to do it or energy for it, so well information is the key(i don't have much else to do but computer and stuff). Socially i am not really good either but going to try work on that as well.

    I didn't really verify what people told me, until i knew what was the reason for my actions, and that it was the solution(i can't really see what they're thinking and it bothers me). I been plain and simple addicted to activity and my body isn't capable of coping with sitting quiet yet(even if i feel like i need to). but i keep telling myself that i should get off the ass and do something( and sometimes the pains has been too harsh on me to do anything). Mentally i could not use the computer as much as i wanted after 10 years of playing the computer i got a lot of body issues and was unable to sit on the comp after workouts, so i guess i need to sit down and think that relaxing is the only way to go( but i refused to realx cause i was bored by sitting quiet). I hope i will be good now that i found a solution.

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    also to note, i do receive group therapy and people keep coming up with strategies on how to get thingis to become better, while my mind has been set on other stuff cause i been looking for reasons to how i'm feeling at all times due to i can't meet their requirements i felt bad about that too, due to not getting any questions answered at the time i'm thinking about them i been telling them what i think is the problem, rather than them offering me service to treat me. I think most of my conversations is gone in my memory and only the habitual changes is left for me to recall. Instead of giving me a plan that i been able to follow they been giving me solutions that wasn't solvable for me, thus i had to find a solutions to my own problems before i could follow their plan. Well being addicted to learning has made my anxiety and depression worse cause i'm not in school and they haven't really learn me anything i haven't try to teach myself. So every time i come there i just give them excuses and then i go home work on it. I really could use some intensive school class on the subject to feel i'm getting anywhere or to have me newthinking. The book of dr. burns helps me understand osme issues just by reading it every time i come up with something i try hit a book and read up on it, but not always as understandable. Showing this big interst in the subject to the point where you know more than the therapist, and is unable to tell them what you been thinking, is kinda hell for the therapist also.

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    Re: Cognitive therapy for addiction to mental activity?

    a little while since i posted, and yes i was sent for group therapy but this didn't work too well except i got the body going, since we were going for walks to get the emotional process started, I'm currently getting into institution to get the asperger symptoms under control, tidying and overall planning of activities.

    well after 2 years doing my own treatment by chatting in forums getting info from different sources, read books and search for a way out of it, of course i had chats with psychiatry and the doctors and things to try get me treated, as well, so i got some things handled on the way. i figure a lot of stuff about myself, like that I'm afraid of being asperger, and i haven't really said anything to my doctor about my emotions, instead i thought i had somatic diseases that had the same symptoms, this was used to suppress my feelings as a hobby(seeking through medical books to figure what is going on). i've been talking to people online as well to get information and advices on how to cope. Since some factors is getting in the way of cognitive therapy and other therapy forms, like that you are intelligent and independent on some stuff but not on the social stuff and you're really bad with the social stuff, you end up getting stuck on treating yourself instead of listening to others, and this is kinda bad for your treatment, if you don't listen, so after a long while i started meditation and watch a lot of movies that had to do with feelings and suddenly i discover that I'm not coping and that I'm yet again not suppressing my feelings, and now i think i got most of it over with, but I'm still too dependent on activity to be happy with that i found answers, so I'm depending on using some time online to get researches done to get the most out of my life as i want it. I finally told the doctor how i felt and things are starting to get okay, except of the fact that i really want more people to discuss things with and find a way to be social. Since i feel a bit stuck for the time being waiting for the institution, i get kinda worried as well, i so want to do more with my life without getting so tired, but i guess that depression just make you tired.

    sometimes it's hard to get facts straight, if you can't tell anyone what you're feeling, and they try to push you into habits you ain't used to. Most doctors would not ask you about feelings so how can you deal with it if no one does? So i hope this can be of help of someone else, and that things will get better in all parts of the world when it comes to treatments. It requires a steady person to deal with your mental problems before you get someone treated for habits. unless you gonna be stuck with this for years and be in lack of control of your life. I think everyone can have benefits from psychological talks and that life would be much better for anyone in the mental disease area if things are being handled in the right way. Hope someone who understands is agreeing with me. The other thing is honesty about how you feel when you meet the doctor and the doctor as well should be honest with you about what he's thinking, to avoid confusion.



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