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    Help with finding a "working memory" test


    I'm currently enrolled in an intro psych course which requires me to do an "experiment" although it is not too indepth. Anyhow, I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find a good 'working memory' test? Please take into account that I am talking about 'working memory' and not memory in general. If anybody knows where I can find one (for free cause I'm pretty much living on staples atm) I would really appreciate it.

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    Assuming you mean "short term memory" or "immediate memory" as opposed to long term memory, standard tests for this are number of digits recalled (sometimes backwards and forwards) -- i.e., generate random number sequences of different lengths... from 2 or 3 up to 10-12. Most people can recall 7 plus or minus 2 (forward; fewer backwards).

    Alternatively, you might ask your professor to allow you to use subtests of the Wechsler Memory Scale or something similar. Psychology Departments sometimes have test libraries, although they may not be accessible to undergraduate students.

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    Yes, I have read about number recalling but then, I would just base it on a scale of as an average and anything above or below as "high working memory" and "low working memory" respectively? I was hoping there was something more accurate, but if this will do.


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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    Digit Span is pretty accurate. It's used routinely in intelligence testing (WAIS and WISC), memory testing (WMS), and neuropsychologcal testing (Reitan battery, etc.).

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    I concur with David. Additionally, the WISC-IV uses Letter-Number Sequencing as part of the Working Memory Index. It is on the WAIS but it is supplementary. Good luck on your research. Let us know what happens.

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    Basically, what I am trying to do has been tried before. Anxiety, Working Memory and Test Performance.

    I have found a "Test Anxiety" test, but the working memory test is bothering me and I have yet to finish making the Performance Test which I will do in the form of a math test with simple - complex problems. The problem is, that I'm not in uni, this is like a "pre-uni" course and its pretty stupid because we have been given like 2 months to create a full-on psychology experiment with no background whatsoever. Anyways, the experiment will basically work like this. Students/Participants will be tested for Anxiety and Working Memory, hopefully data will yield different anxiety levels and working memory levels and not everybody will be in the same average level, then the performance test will give results to be interpreted in regards to the relationship between anxiety and workign memory.

    An issue I have with this is that I should fix either anxiety or working memory to a specific level such as simply use "high anxiety" participants and see how this affects different levels of working memory or any other combination. I don't know what you guys think, I just want to say that in these 4 posts I have learned more than the past 4 months in class. I am not saying the teacher does not know anything about the topic, but the class is badly structured.

    Anyways, comments are welcomed as always.

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    Whay you want is a brief anxiety screening test - I'll see what I can dig up for you. Then you establish a curoff and divide people into low anxiety and high anxiety groups. You can do this by:

    1. testing everyone and splitting the groups at the median score for the anxiety test (usual practice); or

    2. testing potential subjects and only doing the memory test on those who score in the top say 25% and those who score in the bottom 25% (better but you'll lose a lot of subjects this way).

    I would say option 1 should be fine for your purposes.

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    Here's a quick free 5-minute online screening test which gives you an anxiety score from 0 to 100:

    I think this would work for you.

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    I can't resist doing online tests!! I scored 73.

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    Help with finding a "working memory" test.

    That's high. I think I scored 23 or so...

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