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    How can I stop panic attacks

    How can I stop panic attacks when I'm not sure what triggered it? Sometimes I know what triggers them but most of the time I don't, I feel a wave of fear/terror and feel like I can't breathe

    Doc doesn't know about it and I don't know how to tell the psych about them (tomorrow's going to be the first day I ever talk to the psych)

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    Re: How can I stop panic attacks

    Panic attacks are treatable, so you must tell your doctor you experience these attacks. Your doctor should have treatment options to offer you to improve your quality of life, but you must be frank and open with your doctor. No one has to live with panic attacks, and your doctor should be able to help you.

    Many people who feel anxious before seeing the doctor find it helpful to make a series of notes, detailing the issues to report and to discuss with the doctor, the day before the visit.

    It's not unusual to feel anxious and uneasy before a visit, especially if it's the first visit, so having written notes is a really helpful way to make sure nothing is omitted or forgotten.

    So, if you think it's a good idea, leave a sheet of paper on the table where you can go back to it from time to time, as you think of something and add it to the list.

    Take the list with you, tell the doctor you felt anxious about your visit, and you wanted to be sure to remember everything you wanted to discuss.....the doctor may even ask you to give him/her the notes, so s/he can review them with you.

    It also helps to keep your note pad handy during your appointment, to write down any specific instructions about your next appointment, instructions for any medications or special projects you doctor may recommend for you.

    Let us know the outcome of your appointment!
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    Re: How can I stop panic attacks

    I'm sure your therapist will be able to talk to you about managing panic attacks. A lot of it will use techniques involving relaxation, breathing, self-soothing, and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), all of which are very effective treatments whether or not you can identify specific triggers.

    Your therapist or family doctor may also recommend medication, especially in the beginning while you learn other techniques.

    An excellent self-help book is When Panic Attacks by David Burns.

  4. Re: How can I stop panic attacks

    TRUST hun you have to trust your doctor ok that is the only way you and your doctor can get you well or more stable. You tell your pdoc everything ok so the appropriate treatment can be offered to you Hugs

  5. Re: How can I stop panic attacks

    You can stop the panic attacks, all you have to do is to be honest to yourself and to the person who really cares for you, you should also be honest and tell all what you feel to the doctor or any expert attending on you.



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