Using the Dealing with Psychosis Toolkit
British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
July 27, 2012

Early Psychosis Intervention | Dealing with Psychosis
There are many ways to use this toolkit. You can start in any section and work through the toolkit in any order. Some of the topics may be more useful to you than others. Pick and choose what parts you want to work on. There are many activities in this toolkit. Some of the activities are challenging. Give yourself time and be patient. Learning new skills takes time.

About this Toolkit and Monitoring your Progress

What is Psychosis?

  • Learn about the symptoms of psychosis and the six different facts that may contribute to the onset of psychosis.
  • Download What Is Psychosis?

What Can You Do About Psychosis?

  • This section focuses on the importance of learning new skills, finding good support and taking effective medication. There are some worksheets here you can use to better understand the medication you are prescribed.
  • Download What Can You Do About Psychosis

Taking Care of Your Health

Managing Stress

  • Learn techniques to help you deal with and manage your stress.
  • Download Managing Stress

Solving Problems

  • Here you will find a popular and effective six-step method used to identify and solve problems.
  • Download Solving Problems

Setting Goals and Moving Forward

Understanding Cognition

  • Here you will find useful ways that you can better deal with any difficulties concerning memory, attention and other aspects of cognition.
  • Download Understanding Cognition

Connecting With Other People

  • This sections contains activities to help you examine your current social circle and identify opportunities for connecting with other people.
  • Download Connecting With Other People

Preventing Relapse

  • The activities in this section include identifying triggers for psychosis, recognizing early warning signs of relapse and developing a full relapse prevention plan.
  • Download Preventing Relapse

Dealing With Symptoms

  • This section offers suggestions for different strategies for dealing with symptoms of psychosis.
  • Download Dealing with Symptoms

Additional Resources, Extra Worksheets and Acknowledgements

  • Here you find links to other sources of information that you may find helpful. There are extra copies of the worksheets located in this section as well. And you can read a bit about how the toolkit was developed in the acknowledgements here.
  • Download Resources / Worksheets / Acknowledgements

Section For the Support Person

  • This section is designed specifically for your support person to help them best support you. You should provide your selected support person with a copy of this section or direct them to this website. And feel free to look through this section if you are curious.
  • Download For The Support Person

The Dealing with Psychosis Toolkit was funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Health (MoH). Fraser Health was contracted to oversee the development of the project. The Advisory Committee was co-chaired by the representatives from Fraser Health and MoH.