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  1. Unhappy Is there a phobia for this?

    I have an intense fear of being in close proximity to 18 wheelers or tankers, and it's only when they have trailers or tanks on them. Last time i was near one we were at a double lane stop light and it kept inching forward next to my door and i literally had an anxiety attack. I feel with all my other problems they intensified my fear or those trucks.

  2. Re: Is there a phobia for this?

    I found this, not to sure if it's accurate or not...

    Hodophobia is the fear of road travel, and Ochophobia is the fear of vehicles. But there is not one just for Semis.

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    Re: Is there a phobia for this?

    My sister used to be petrified of all things industrial on the roads.

    I remember having to take different routes home if we seen a digger or a forklift truck.

    She is actually the only person I ever met that had this problem apart from my dog who gets freaked by buses and tractors.

    I don't know to this day why my sister was like that, I don't know if it was the noise or the size?

    I do remember hating having to pass a big truck when I was leaning to drive now I just see them as irritating obstacles who induce road rage in me.

    Did you have a bad experience as a child with regard to big trucks?

  4. Re: Is there a phobia for this?

    I dnt know name but I get real bad anxiety next to them all also. I also and terrified of bridges. (that are over water) which is bad since live in FL



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