CBT Self-Help Apps for Android & iPhone
by Sonja Dupor, Panicked Chick
September 29, 2012

I found a free CBT app for panic for an iPhone and since I don’t have an iPhone, I used my sister’s to try it out. The free version I found less than stellar. The treatment part of the app was locked and costs $13.99 so I couldn’t try that out. So instead I went online and searched for android apps and actually found some excellent free ones. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

Free CBT Android Apps

The great things about this app are the features. You have an audio section that contains relaxation music, guided meditation as well as audio that guides you through a panic attack called “Panic Assistance”. A soothing woman’s voice guides you through your panic attack by explaining what is happening to you and why and positively telling you that you will be okay. I know that once I panic, all rational thought ceases to exist and having something like this to listen to while I am panicking is priceless.

Another great feature is the “Diary” section where you can write down any distressing situations and rate your distress level, emotion, intensity of emotions, list your thoughts and rate how much you believe these thoughts to be true.

The audios can also be downloaded from their website for free.

Free CBT iPhone Apps

This is the app that I tried but couldn’t access the treatment part. I can’t exactly recommend it since I didn’t try it but I thought I would list it here for iPhone users in case they wanted to give it a go.

This is the only app I found that was free and the free version kind of sucks. I don’t really like Apple or any ibull*** , I think they’re greedy ****s like Microsoft, no offense if you love your iPhone or iPad or whatever. Anyway, for iPhone users, here is a list of paid apps to check out.

Paid CBT iPhone Apps

This is created by Charles Linden of the Linden Method. Personally, I’ve never tried the Linden Method and I don’t believe that any one method is the CURE for panic and anxiety. I also do not believe in paying huge sums for these numerous “methods” as you can find everything you need online for free. And the price is ridiculous but I digress.