The challenges of dual diagnosis
By Kate Richards CAMH
September 21, 2012

Earlier this week, CBC Radio's The Current aired a documentary about the dilemmas facing those with dual diagnosis -- people with developmental and psychiatric disabilities. The documentary, Dual Diagnosis: The Long Way Home, featured CAMH's Dr. Yona Lunsky and Dr. Paul Kurdyak. If you missed the orinigal broadcast, you can listen to the podcast from your computer.

The term dual diagnosis refers to an individual who has an intellectual disability and mental health needs. They may or may not have been formally diagnosed with an intellectual disability, a mental illness or both. Individuals with a dual diagnosis are a marginalised group in our society often exposed to prejudices, abuse and social isolation. They experience the same range of severe and prolonged mental health difficulties including depression, mood disorders and schizophrenia as the general population, but at much higher rates.

CAMH proives serveral resources on Dual Diagnosis for families and significant others as well as specialized information for professionals.