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    Depressed/problems at such an early age?

    I'm just interested in understanding more about childhood depression and problems from an early age. Can depression or other problems be brought on purely by the first few years of a child's upbringing? Like the baby/child being mildly neglected, unseen and unheard by its parents, having an anxious and depressed mother, etc?

    There is a woman I am in the hospital with who has had depression for many years. She is 37 years old or so and has a six year old child. He was staying with his father whilst his mother is hospitalised here and one day he ran out of the house, run away, cut his arms and was found by police a few hours later. The child is now in a children's psychiatric hospital in a closed ward and has been put on Cipralex. A six year old! It sounds crazy to me.

    I'm trying to understand myself too and the fact that I also had problems from around the age of six too. Trying to understand nature vs nurture and biological aspects too.

    Any info would be very interesting.


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    Re: Depressed/problems at such an early age?

    As I said previously, depression develops via a combination or interaction of genetic-physiological-temperamental-personality factors and experiential-developmental factors.



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