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    Internet - Conspiracy mindsets, etc

    I've read that what can be called "schizotypal" thinking is marked by seeing an exaggerated number of connections, patterns, etc... everyday coincidences as meaningful synchronicities or conspiracy and also that people such as Jung, esoterics, fringe groups, apocalyptic obssessed, as well as many mainstream people (depending on the topic) would argue for the case of meaningful coincidences (or *real* causal connections). Depending upon who is the referree and what might be the "delusion or truth du jour" be it Obama's birth certificate or the NWO, I'm beginning to think a great number of humans qualify as "schizotypal" or the media is... or the internet is a breeding ground.

    That said, I would be interested in what psychologists would say about the following set of coincidences/(or not) on the internet, in light of the above. I'm referring to the tragic events at Sandy Hook. The following points can be credibly verified. (really, Google is my friend, and enemy

    1. "Sandy Hook" is on a map/visual displayed in the (Batman) movie "Dark Knight Rises" The location is shown as a "target"
    2. Suzanne Collins, author of "the Hunger Games" lives in Sandy Hook, CT.

    (1)When I saw the "Dark Knight" screen shots, info about "Sandy Hook" being in this movie.. I assumed that Lanza (the shooter) was more than likely a Batman fan, and in addition to being a disturbed individual, was likely "seeing connections" with the Sandy Hook reference and copy-catting the Aurora theater shootings, as well. I don't know if investigators will be able to determine from Lanza's computer, etc. if this be the case, but I would hope/assume there is a logical connection... vs fringes on the internet argue "Illuminati" symbolism/conspiracy, etc.

    (2)My mind is trying not to see the coincidence of Hunger Games author living in Sandy Hook as a "meaningful coincidence" or Bizarre, at very least.

    (3)Added synchronicity points for Hurricane Sandy


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    Re: Internet - Conspiracy mindsets, etc

    I'm not sure you can link conspiracy theories or "meaningful coincidences" to schizotypal thinking. First, there are a lot of people, some quite intelligent and without any symptoms of psychopathology, who are prone to musings about conspiracy theories and the like. And, second, where it is linked to psychopathology, it has more a flavor of paranoid thinking than schizotypal per se.



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