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Thread: What Are You Feeling Today?

  1. Re: What Are You Feeling Today?

    "I'm exhausted and so tired. I would really love for someone to look after me for a change"

    I hear you rdw and i do understand one can only give and give of themselves till one does get exhausted.

    I do hope that you can reach out to someone to help you just take a break from it all and saying that i do understand also if you cannot.

    If you can just take a few minutes even for you just to close your eyes or have a drink you enjoy just 10 minutes to replenish you energy. I am not one to give advice really as a fellow caregiver i know how hard it can get. Hope you can get some much needed rest sending you some hugs if that is ok
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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    Re: What Are You Feeling Today?

    I've been feeling pretty good lately,and not from anything I have or haven't done,but from just letting myself 'be',going with the flow and taking things on as they come.Just living my life without any expectations seems to be working out much better than always trying to improve or change things about myself.

    I think I will stick to that for as long as it works.
    You will never change anything that you are willing to tolerate ~Myles Munroe

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