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Thread: Reasons To Live

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    1.)These feelings will pass
    2.)There are so many good things in my life
    3.)What's going on now is not the end of the world,it just feels like it
    4.)My 2 dogs need me
    5.)I have other choices and options
    6.)There are people who love me and care about me

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    LIT, are you okay? I just saw your post.

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    No,but I will be

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    What's going on? If you need to talk, I am here. And, you are correct. Whatever you are going through it will pass. Keep in touch. I know that you know that you are not alone.

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    My thoughts are with you LIT........

    And your skills and knowledge for coping with all sorts of things are well-developed and impressive.

    But yeah as Jesse said, if you decide talking about it could be useful, that can be a very good coping skill / tool as well.

    Sending compassion your way..............

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    Hang in there LIT. We all support you, even if we can't be there to do so in person.Be as kind as you can to yourself hugs

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    ...Hope these feelings pass quickly

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    I'm sorry,I didn't mean to bring this attention to myself.I will be fine.

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    Re: Reasons To Live

    No need to be sorry... Hey, it can be good sometimes to know that people will be thinking of you if the hardest times come.

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