What About Me? A Book for Men Helping Female Partners Deal with Childhood Sexual Abuse
by Grant Cameron
Revised and reissued 2013


What About Me? is for men who are helping female partners recover from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. The book is unique because it’s the end result of the traumatic and trying times Grant Cameron encountered while helping his wife, Liz, deal with her abusive past. If you are a partner of someone who was abused as a child, you will find this book enlightening. It takes you into the world of a child sexual abuse survivor and explains in laymen’s terms how to help, deal and cope with the survivor’s anger, grief and pain. Grant covers important subjects like the inner child, the necessity for breaks and how to be a support.

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From the author
I am the husband of a partner who was sexually abused as a child, so I have first-hand experience of many of the difficulties that spouses face as they attempt to help their wives heal from the torment and trauma of abuse.

Partners of childhood sexual abuse survivors will find this book enlightening as it explains in layman’s terms how to help a survivor cope and deal with her anger and pain. I draw on my personal experiences as a husband and supporter of a childhood sexual abuse survivor. I talk openly about subjects like trust and anger, suicide, sex, nightmares and the child within. I try to educate and dispel myths and misconceptions. I also offer advice on coping, releasing rage and whether a partner of a survivor should stay or go.

The book is called What About Me? It is not meant in any way to take the place of a good counselor. However, my hope is that the book will help men who are partners of childhood sexual abuse survivors understand what the survivor is going through in order that they may be a help rather than hindrance to her healing.

The book was originally published in 1994 by Creative Bound Inc. and sold in most major bookstore chains and through Amazon.com. The book received rave reviews and five editions were published before the publisher retired. I decided to update and publish the book as a downloadable file so it can be accessed more quickly by partners of survivors.

The book can be downloaded from a website at www.helpforpartners.wordpress.com.

Over the years, many partners and survivors of childhood sexual abuse have written to me, thanking me for writing the book and noting that it helped them get through the healing process because it explained the situation more clearly and thoroughly to partners.

I came across this book when it was first published. It is indeed a remarkable book and, at the time, entirely unique. There have been a few books subsequently published with a similar them but this one remains my favorite for its simplicity and calrity of presentation and for the beautiful support it describes from an initially puzzled and bewildered man to his beloved wife, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the book has been out of print for some time now, so it is with pleasure that I announce its current availability in a new form.

The cost is $15.95. If you are the spouse of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse or if you are a survivor who would like your spouse to understand some of what you are going through, I highly recommend this book.