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    I need some advice, please

    I've been taking pshycoanalysis sessions for some years now and I have improved a lot. I used to have vey bad headaches-migrane type, my blood pressure used to get rather low when I was very stressed, and had many problems with my stomach. I had problems sleeping since I was about 3 years old and was very frightened at night. I have come to understand how stress and fear caused many of those physycal responses and they are few and appart-except for the problem to sleep and the fear at night, I realize there's nothing really to be afraid of only after I am really anxious. I also still have a big problem relating to people. I'd like to overcome it because it's a big obstacle for my personal and professional life. I divorced 22 years ago and have tried to have a relationship but I seem to choose the wrong guy. Some people in my family and friends tell me I need to see another doctor or try another therapy. They do not know how I felt at the beginning and how I understand myself better. I really appreciate the help and guide of my psychoanalist but I also feel kind of stuck now. How useful is it to understand how my problems began if I can't overcome them ? I'd like to read something on social anxiety. Could you recommend me something? I just turned 50 and feel more stressed because I feel I have not done enough for myself and it's all because of my fears. Thank you very much for your kind advice.
    There is always a new day to come!

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    I need some advice, please

    Elena, you have identified the major criticism of psychoanalysis -- that insight alone isn't enough. This was precisely why other therapies emerged and why psychoanalysis has in many areas lost credibility. I'm not sure of the outcome but I know for example that here in Canada the government was considering a little while dropping psychoanalysis from the list of services covered by the government medical plans.

    You might do well to explore the possibility of working with a psychologist or psychiatrist who takes a more modern approach to anxiety disorders and related issues. In particular, a therapist who combines cognitive behavior therapy techniques with other therapeutic approaches would be recommended.

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    I need some advice, please

    Psychoanalysis is only "half-way there" huh? Understanding isn't enough. Not when the point is growth and progress and learning how to get there from here. A little practical application skills here please iffen ya don't mind LOL
    Hugs from Kanadiana ...

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    I need some advice, please

    Hi Elena,

    It's frustrating when the people close to you aren't aware of exactly how much progress you've made hey? I'm 51 so we're the same generation, you and I ;) I know I've come a long way in some areas, and nowhere in others.

    I find that at this age it's embarrassing to me to still have "problems" ... but, I came by them honestly with my history and have to pat myself on the back knowing how far i've come regards my history and what it did to my whole life and all my relationships. I always had social anxiety .. still do, and that varies with whatever is going on in my head and life at the time.

    I feel much like you do sometimes about being this age and feeling like I haven't done enough for myself for my lifetime. There's still time to start every new day. That's the good part :) That's the part I'm focussing on now ... and I have much change to make to shift some situations in my life so i can get on with doing what works best for me ...

    I hope you find your answers and end up with a more satisfying and fulfilling 2nd half of your century ... i know I've not given up just yet ... though some days I feel defeated by health and other issues ... I always seem to ride them out and still find laughter and feeling good afterwards... I'm learning to be content working with what I've got to work with, which hasn't been easy ARGH ... but hey ... grace comes in due time LOL
    Hugs from Kanadiana ...

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    Thanks a lot for your replies.

    I guess changing to another kind of therapy is in order now, isn't it? I must confess that just the thought of it makes me feel guilty. Its not going to be easy to tell my analist, but ,on the other hand,all cycles come to an end. At one point of my life I realized that life could be better and different and that I could not handle somethings on my own, that's why I looked for proffesional help, I suppose I just need new and different tools.
    Maybe it's a little late to go to the university or try belly dancing-my back wouldn´t stand it-but there are many things to study and try. I just have to stop finding excuses so as not to get seriously engaged in an activity outside home.
    Once again, thanks. It is feels really good to know that you can talk to people who understand and care.
    There is always a new day to come!

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