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  1. Read if my title interests you

    All the titles look the same, so I thought I'd make a different that'd grab people's attention. I hope I haven't offended anybody. I'm new here. I'm 16 (Male, from Ohio) and I'm mainly here because I'm very interested in Psychology. I was wondering if anyone knew of other Psychology Forums, not so much self-help, but for Psychology in general. I also have depression, which attracted me here, lol.


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    Read if my title interests you

    Welcome to the forums, Shadow. There's a great deal to read here, and a great deal to learn. There are also many links scattered throughout the forums that lead to other sites through which we can learn and grow. :-)

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    Read if my title interests you

    Hi Shadow,

    Just wanted to say hello and welcome, theres loads to read and learn here, I've been here a while and I am still reading posts and finding links that lead to other links!!

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    Read if my title interests you

    Welcome to the forum, Shadow :)

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    Read if my title interests you

    Hi Shadow and welcome.

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