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    I am doing a project on Ict and I have been observing this website for quite some time now for my project I need some user reviews please can you tell me your views on this website I would appreaciate that.


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    What does "Ict" mean, Research?

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    I think it stands for Information and Computing or Communication Technology, I'm not sure but I thinks its part of our (GCSE ?)exam system here, but I could be wrong!! It just rings a bell from somewhere!!

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    hi well yes through-these-eyes it does stand for Information communication technology however It is an A-level project and I need user reviews , any help will be appreciated thankyou.

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    Hi Research, sorry it took me so long to write, I've been super busy the last couple of weeks. Anyway I decided to put this on the main board instead of is my user review:

    I think that this website is very good, espeically compared to other similar websites I've looked at or been a part of. This website is definitely far more active than most. I think the main reason that this website is so successful is David Baxter the administrator. I think the number one factor in the success is his prompt and frequent responses. It gives the site a feeling of being constantly "in action". Like you want to log on and see what has happened since you've last been there. It is also very valuable to receive professional advice that would normally cost a lot...that is, if you could even find someone to give you competent adivce. It is also very interesting, and educational, to read others quandries and the advice that they get. I also find it helpful to read other members advice when the person has had specific (professional or personal) experiences or knowledge of an issue.

    Another huge factor in the success of this website is the organization and the consistent updating and improving on what is already there. The site is very extensive but also easy to navigate. There are also cool extra features that I really like, for example, when you get an e-mail when there is a reply to a topic that you're watching.

    Hopefully that works for the review that you need. Let me know if you need feedback on any other aspects.



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