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    I WILL Get Better

    I WILL Get Better
    by Therese Borchard
    June 3, 2013

    I don?t know about you, but when I?m depressed, my self-talk goes something like this:

    • ?This is uncomfortable ? I wish I were dead.?
    • "I don?t know what to do about x, y, and z ? I wish I were dead.?
    • "I can?t escape this sadness ? I wish I were dead.?
    • "How can I get rid of this awful anxiety? ? I wish I were dead.?

    Do you recognize the common denominator? The only resolution I see is to give up and die ? either actively (when I?m extremely depressed and suicidal) or passively on other days. I don?t have the energy or the confidence to problem-solve. Which is why I have to be proactive with regard to my self-talk when I?m feeling very depressed and anxious. If not, my thoughts will follow the path of least resistance?and fantasize about death. I have to make a conscious effort to turn them around. And I have to repeat over and over and over again this sentence: ?I WILL get better.?

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    Re: I WILL Get Better

    Sometimes I just say in my head or out loud (LOL) NO! to myself to help myself stop thinking the way I'm thinking. I tell myself to be firm, but gentle with myself. If no one else is going to treat me well at least I should.

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    Re: I WILL Get Better

    This is a good post. My self-talk is ALL about how it would be so much easier to just be dead . It's hard work to stay alive and and fight these battles day in and day out.
    ~ Allow yourself to be the light that the world so desperately needs. ~ Unknown

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    Re: I WILL Get Better

    I agree... It really is hard work to live, and that's just for anyone.... but with ongoing big battles also? Phew. :S



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