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    What do you see in the mirror

    Just curious everyone: When you look in the mirror at your naked body what do you see and how do you feel?

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    What do you see in the mirror

    That's an interesting question to ask just anyone. I'm curious to see some responses.
    Well, I have a history of anorexia. I don't think I see anything extreme, but sometimes my emotions will be very much affected by what I see. It's weird, because it's not like I hallucinate. When I look in the mirror, I'm usually looking for 3 things. One is my face, in the usual way when I put on makeup in the morning - I have no problems with my face at all, and I can leave the house feeling confident that I look good. Two, especially when I'm naked, is my stomach. ANY sign of my stomach looking the least bit bigger will upset me. If it looks smaller, then I'm more satisfied, but I'm still looking for something to lose. This is usually so rediculous because I'm even talking about times after I've eaten - of course my stomach is physically a little bigger - everyone's the same. The third thing I look for is how my shirt sits on me. Now, I have literally thrown fits over this to the point of tears welling up.
    When I see my whole self in the mirror fully clothed in non-revealing clothing, usually I think I look small. I'm more paranoid in the summer though, if I wear more revealing clothing - but only with certain parts of my body.
    Well, I think maybe I went into too much detail, but it's something I find interesting. Like, what do people without body image issues see? They must have some opinion of their looks? Or, do some people just not care?

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    What do you see in the mirror

    It has always seemed to me that part of the issue is that we never see ourselves the way others do or the way we see others.

    When we look at another person, we tend to see the whole person, although we may certainly attend to details about the person that stand out or that we find particularly attractive or odd is ome way.

    When we look at ourselves, we almost never see the whole person - we see face, hair, stomach, thighs, feet, whatever. We see ourselves in parts, like cuts of beef instead of the cow. I think that's universal, whether or not one has a body image issue or an eating disorder.

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    What do you see in the mirror

    true, instead of seeing the whole picture you end up picking out one part and focus on this instead of the whole. What I find interesting is that as much as I am judgmental about the way I look (and believe me I am) I am sometimes surprised at how judgmental I am about how others look.... I am not a person who only cares about looks in other people and by no means do I think that looks define someone (this is speaking about other people) but then why would I be so critical of them? If I have my own issues w/ myself, why bother focusing on other's "imperfections"? So I can compare myself to them? I don't know. It's exhausting looking through this lens. I'm sure someone sitting in class and trying to focus on the lecture has no idea I am sitting in class, trying to focus on the lecture, but also intensely taking apart every part of their & my body. there's something wrong w/ that. what I also find weird is that when I look into the mirror who I see can feel so distant... like I don't even know who I am and who this person is in the mirror. personally, I think we'd all be better off without mirrors!

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    What do you see in the mirror

    We don't have a full-length mirror in the house. There's just one little one for shaving/make-up etc. I know that I would be highly critical of my naked full-length refelction. I see bits of me without any mirrors and it's in need of work. Changing rooms in clothes stores are bad enough! Has anyone noticed how some stores angle their mirrors so that you look 'better' than you would ordinarily, while others are like those mirrors at a fair that make you look stumpy and distorted?!

    what I also find weird is that when I look into the mirror who I see can feel so distant... like I don't even know who I am and who this person is in the mirror.
    I can so relate to feeling distanced and disconnected from the person staring back at me in the mirror! When I was a kid I remember staring right into my pupils and getting this really spooked sensation. I wasn't sure whether "me" was the shell I could see in the reflection or the homunculus at the controls in my brain; it was like, am I my mind or my body or both?! I very much reside in my mind and don't even feel sometimes that my body is me. After all, my body is on the outside and the inside is so much safer. My body/face has attracted unwanted male attention from the time I was 10 and directs interactions with people in boringly predictable ways. So, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my appearance. For me, it's not so much that I wish there were no mirrors, but that I wish others couldn't see me or could see past my shell to the REAL me.

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    What do you see in the mirror

    this book that I'm reading was saying that body hatred is not actually about our bodies, but about self- doubt and feelings of inadequacy (so that the body becomes a scapegoat).

    For me, it's not so much that I wish there were no mirrors, but that I wish others couldn't see me or could see past my shell to the REAL me
    the way we use our bodies is kind of weird. as much as I feel that I hate it and don't like the way it is, then how come that I use it to make good impressions on people or get what I want etc? I would never leave my house not looking "reasonably" good, and even if I think I'm having a low-key day, people still compliment me... which is so much reassurance but then I'm also just thinking, why are people so hooked up on the external? you're totally right; seeing past people's exterior to see the 'real' them is true beauty. not what's on the outside. in fact, it can be quite misleading.

    jennifer, since you posted this, what do you see?

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    What do you see in the mirror

    Neat question Jenniferever, what do you see?

    What do I see? I generally have to force myself to look at my entire body as I tend to focus on my chunky thighs and hips. Come to think of it, I just took my full length mirror out of storage about six months ago. I stopped looking at a full length mirror years ago, I couldn’t stand it. It made me angry to look at myself, I just didn’t like the image, it never worked for me. Then about six months ago I started thinking about what I look like in clothes, how everything fits together, that maybe I was being a little silly, that I should just deal with the way I looked. And it’s not too bad, I don’t seem to disgust myself as much as I used to. I guess I feel disconnected from my body at times, I can’t picture myself in this skin. The image in the mirror doesn’t seem real. I have no idea what I’m trying to say.

    But I also wonder about the flatness of a mirror, when we look at ourselves in the mirror we see a two-dimensional image, I’ve often wondered what I look like in 3-d.

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    what I see

    Every time I look at my naked body, I am amazed at how disgusting it is. My stomach, thighs, upper arms and rear end, all horribly fat (and pale). Then I think about how I am in my prime (25) and there are women who are 30 and over who have had multiple children who have better bodies then me, which of course leads me to think about what my problem is. Why can't I just do something about it? In the past as ashamed as I am to admit it, I have cut (edit by Mod: details of si) because I hated the way it looked so much.

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    What do you see in the mirror

    Eunioa, I know! If we're so dissatisfied with our bodies, when why do people like you and I use our bodies to make good impressions on people. I'm not always so dissatisfied with my body, but just not totally satisfied, or scared to death that it will become worse than it is now. Even on days when I'm feeling really frustrated with how I look, I still make myself up to look better.
    The thing is, ordinarily people do this. Even if they don't have a disorder or distorted body image of any kind. You see people of all shapes and sizes who seem comfortable enough with their bodies, and they make an effort to dress nicely and groom themselves.
    Jenniferever, I'm sorry that you feel that way about yourself. You know, it doesn't matter what you look like, there will still be someone smaller or bigger than you. It gets me jealous too, when I see a woman in her forties who's had kids and looks great. But, it really shouldn't bother us like it does. There will always be someone smarter than me, a better cook than me, a better teacher than me...and that doesn't seem to bother me so much.

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    What do you see in the mirror

    I see an UGLY monster that her husband no longer desires or wants for youth has failed her and she no longer looks attractive... like that of the Beauties his eyes feed up on and that his mind has learned to have, to enjoy.

    Death has become a friend I grow to hate...

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