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    Pain I can cope with

    I am no better at coping with emotional pain than I was a few years ago!! I can deal with physical pain so much easier!!! Inside, it just builds and builds until I just go numb, emotionally dead if you like! To jult myself back into the land of the living, I need pain!! I need to feel!!
    I learnt this from the age of 15(ish) (I think!!) I have always been very aware that if I took my anger out on others I would get into some serious trouble, but if I hurt myself- no one really gave a hoot, I got rid of some anger and I felt the pain that I needed to feel that masked the pain I did feel and still feel inside!! So its escalated from then!!

    It's just a nuscence that the scars on the outside are as permanent as the ones on the inside!!
    In 3 words I can sum up everything I have learned about goes on!!

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    Re: pain i can cope with!!!

    I hear you and i am sorry you have to self harm to get the emotional pain to go away

    i understand i do just hope in time you can find another way to cope as told to me you deserve only care now ok compassion we have been harmed enough by others we have to learn to stop harming ourselves hugs to you
    Words always stay inside ones soul



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