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    Suggestions of CBT Tools or Exercises?

    I'm looking for something a little different than the traditional mood log - ie where you write down your negative thoughts, identify distortions or unhelpful ways of thinking that you can identify, and then write responses that are more positive or less distorted.

    I'm wanting to use some tools that I can do every day to be as tuned up as possible. But can you think of a style I can use when there aren't necessarily negative thoughts or distortions to address?

    A tool or technique that could be beneficial at any time, even on good days, to keep tuning the thoughts more positively or help prevent relapse?

    If I had to say a theme or themes, I'd say apathy/lethargy/general depression, rumination style OCD tendencies maybe, certainty-seeking/analysis paralysis?

    Anything you can think of would be great - thanks in advance!

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    Re: Suggestions of CBT Tools or Exercises?

    The modified version of CBT outlined by Jeffrey Schwartz:

    The Four Steps - Dr Jeffrey Schwartz - Brain Lock



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