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Thread: Lithium?

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    Hey :]

    I was diagnosed with BPD a few years ago which started a trial of various medications to resolve the depression and anxiety.

    I'm not sure if I'm expecting too much from medication but I have tried about 20 types and so far do not feel any better. Nothing seems to help. I have this pattern where I try a new med, get frustrated with it, either over/under use it, abuse it, then stop it and I go through withdrawals. I know this is absolutely not okay and I do want to find something that helps but am at a loss and feel that nothing will help me.

    I was on lithium for a while and am contemplating trying that again as I do not feel that I gave it a fair shot. Has anyone found this works for BPD or is there something in particular or some sort of combination that works best?

    Also, how much is the medication supposed to help... am I supposed to feel happy or is it just to take the edge off?

    Thanks for reading :]

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    Re: Lithium?

    Lithium is a mood stabilizer used primarily to treat Bipolar Disorder. BD can coexist with BPD.

    We cannot give you advice on what medications to use since it depends on your specific individual symptoms and medical history, but this is something you probably should discuss with your doctors.

    am I supposed to feel happy or is it just to take the edge off?
    It is not a "happy pill". It will not prevent highs (hypomania) or lows (depression) but it will level them out a bit and limit the extremes.



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