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    What will happen?

    (i dont know where to post this so i'll put it here, hope its in the right section)

    After a while of trying to sort this out alone (and failing miserably) ive come to realise that i do need to get some sort of help, but i do want to know what you think will happen when i go to talk to my doctor about it, and if anything will happen if/when i say about my self injuring / suicide attempts, as in will i be hospitalized or anything? i have a mate with more or less the same thing and i THINK that happened to him im not sure. Thing is i figure it will be easier to tell my family about it if i hav actual info on it instead of assuming i have depression, im sure i'll feel less guilt/shame if i know for sure.

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    What will happen?

    It would help if you post a brief summary of your situation (including age and whether theree have been serious suicide attempts in the past, that sort of thing), AMT. With the number of members we have here now, it's hard to remember everyone's story.

    The only time anyone would be at risk for hospitalization is if they are actively suicidal or, in general terms, an imminent risk to self or others, or if they are evidencing active psychotic systems and consequently unable to distinguish reality from hallucination.

    If you tell a doctor you made a suicide attempt 6 months or a year ago, it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to hospitalize you, given the kind of bed shortages most hospitals are experiencing these days. And most competent doctors can tell the difference between self-injury and suicide attempts.

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    What will happen?

    Well i'm 15 as of a few days ago. My most recent suicide attempt was about a month ago, and i'vr tried about twice before that since a couple of years ago. Started self injuring about 4 months ago and havent been able to stop it since then. At the moment im permanently angry and worthless and its always boiling over instead of being bottled up like usual. I can hardly sleep, my eating patternis messed up and i can never concentrate properly cause im always thinking of hurting myself, others or suicide, mentally planning it and my energy is almost always low, probably from the lack of sleep.

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    What will happen?

    To be frank, AMT, with all that going on, your priority should be getting help, not worrying about what your therapist might or might not do.

    You are obviously struggling with a lot of issues right now. There is no need for you to do that all on your own and no need for you to continue to feel that way. And there is absolutely no need for you to look at suicide as your only option - there are many other options.

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    What will happen?

    Thanks for the replies, ill arrange an appointment soon. To be honest ive got to the point where i dont really care what happens anyway

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    What will happen?

    Good luck, AMT. Six months or a year from now you will look back at this moment as the first step forward in changing your life for the better.

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    What will happen?

    To be honest ive got to the point where i dont really care what happens anyway
    I think this in itself is reason enough to go and make that appointment. it's kind of a wake up call, b/c if you think about it, shouldn't you want to care about what happens? as much as everyone else cares, in the end it's your life and if you don't care, then all the caring from everyone else isn't going to make any of this better.. you have to want to change. and that's the hardest part. good luck!



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