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    Is a person unique?

    Is each and every person in the planet unique?

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    Is a person unique?

    To a greater or lesser degree, yes. Everyone has a different genetic makeup and experiential history. Even identical (monozygotic) twins have different individual psychological histories.

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    Is a person unique?

    I think clones would be the only thing where you could argue that they're not unique... in terms of the gentic makeup. I think each and everyone one of us is different in some way, and as many similarities there are, there will also always be differences and the interaction between those two. I once used to think being 'unique' was a bad thing, b/c it was different from the norm, but that's not necessarily true. Then again, there is nothing worse than telling a child who wants to fit in that she's 'unique'. My point is, I'd rather be unique than be someone who is exactly like someone else, b/c only when you really are yourself inside and out can all of you shine through- making up your own 'unique' personality etc. I guess it depends on the context that you use 'being unique'.

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    Is a person unique?

    Eeven clones would only be identical for a few minutes or so... then as their life experiences began to diverge, the differences between them would start to emerge.

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    Is a person unique?

    hence why I added in ".... in terms of their genetic makeup" b/c you're exactly right. even they would be unique in some way. :o)

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    Is a person unique?

    I believe that all humans are unique and remarkable. We are like snowflakes. Each and everyone of them uniquely different.

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    Don't fit pigeon holes

    Perhaps society should stop trying to pigeon-hole people - you can't put people into these square boxes - people tend to be round in shape with curves. Society might have change its ideas - accept people for what they are - not what society thinks they should be.

    Same goes for parents in their expectation of their children too.


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    Is a person unique?

    Hi JJ,

    I wish it could be that way. Unfortunately, we humans are prone to categories and definitions. Some people use categories out of fear while others might use them to organize ideas in their mind. I think one important part to this issue is how we define and categorize ourselves. If we define/categorize ourselves according to the opinions of others, we open ourselves up to skewed definitions and miscategories. We must learn to create our own sense of who we are and then the pigeon holes are meaningless to us. This is not to say someone won't try to pigeon hole us but it is no longer a major issue as we know our own definitions and categories. (Our definitions need to be based upon our knowledge and awareness of ourselves but not the unfair judgments we have learned from those in our lives.)

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    .....And Labelling

    I really must get Suzy to join this - I'm not in her league and this is right up her street. She says she would take this a stage further. She is studying Philosophy and Ethics of Mind and Mental Health and she is going to investigate the philosophy of diagnosis and its impact on the individual - now there is pigeon-holing if you are looking for it! And that is from the voice of one who knows first hand.


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    Is a person unique?

    I agree with Dr. Dobson.

    I don't know if it is reasonable to expect a societal change. There will always be pegeon holes, catagories, and generalizations out there, and in some cases they are necessary. doesn't mean that an individual MUST belong to a particular catagory just because society placed them there. It's more a matter of "what makes sense to the society" as opposed to "it is what society says it is".

    We can't control the masses, but we can control ourselves and how we react and deal with societal quirks. And somewhere in there, a change is born where people realize that the only "hole" that exists, is the one they put themselves into.

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