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    I'm from Lisbon, Portugal, I'm 22 and I study mathematics. I'm also interested in physics and psychology, specially psychopathology and therapy. Furthermore, I'm buddhist and very interested in every kind of scientific experiments concerning meditation techniques, including experiments with meditation techniques on treating mental health problems.

    This comunity seems to be wonderfull! I rejoice in the good heart of those who spend their time helping others selflessly. Such a hapiness can come from having a good hearth! :)


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    Welcome, Modus! We're glad to have you here with us. :)

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    very positive attitude modus ponens! hope you will find the forums helpful... btw, I love Portugal! :o)

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    Hello and welcome Modus!

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    Hi Modus!

    Hello and welcome!!

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    Re: Hello

    Hi Modus and welcome to Psychlinks!

    I read an interesting book written by Mark Epsetein entitled "Thoughts without a Thinker: Psycotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective" Interesting read and seems to fit in with your interests :-)

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    Re: Hello

    Ola Modus.Ponens!

    Confesso que fui ver a tua mensagem curiosa com o nick (a ultima vez que ouvi falar de modus ponens (e modus tollens?.. e outras coisas de que ja nao me lembro) foi numa cadeira de Logica Computacional. Qual nao foi a surpresa ao ver que es de Portugal e tens 22 anos (como eu). Sou tambem nova por ca e compartilho a tua opiniao. E fantastico como completos estranhos se disponibilizam a dar uma palavra de apoio a quem precisa. Embora nao sendo budista, sinto bastante interesse na sua filosofia.. e se conheceres alguma tecnica de meditacao que ajude a "curar" a depressao avisa (suspeito que sofra disso) :-P

    Now for the rest of you who may read this, sorry, just welcoming a neighbor and revealing a bit more about myself (I'm into Computer Science and also from Portugal).
    Besides, (and translating) I also agree with Modus. How amazing it is to find perfect strangers volunteering to support others this way. Thank you all in the name of the helpees, such as me!

    PS: Glad to hear Eunoia loves our country! :-D

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    Re: Hello

    Hi Modus,
    Welcome to the family!

    How amazing it is to find perfect strangers volunteering to support others this way. Thank you all in the name of the helpees, such as me!
    This is one of the things that makes the web so wonderful. Most places are very anxious to help out others. There are some sites online that aren't too interested in helping out, but they aren't really the norm in my opinion.



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