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    Bell Let's Talk: 5 simple ways to help end the stigma around mental illness

    5 simple ways to help end the stigma around mental illness
    Bell Let's Talk Campaign January-February 2015

    Talking is the first step towards meaningful change and building greater awareness, acceptance, and action.
    5 ways to help

    1. Language matters
    Words can help?but they can also hurt. Pay attention to the words you use.

    How you can help
    Explain to friends and colleagues who use words like ?psycho? or ?nut? without thinking that their comments may be hurtful and provide an alternative view.

    2. Educate yourself
    Myths exist about mental illness that contribute to stigma. Learn the facts.

    How you can help
    Learn more, know more. Be knowledgeable and help fight stigma with facts.

    3. Be Kind
    Small acts of kindness speak volumes.

    How you can help
    Don?t stand by if someone is being labelled or bullied.

    Treat a person who has a mental illness with the kindness and care you give to people with other illnesses through a friendly smile, a helping hand, a phone call or visit.

    4. Listen and ask
    Sometimes it?s best to just listen.

    How you can help
    Don't trivialize someone's illness. Instead, say: "I?m sorry to hear that, it must be a difficult time. Is there anything I can do to help?"

    5. Talk about it
    Start a dialogue, not a debate

    How you can help
    Break the silence. Talk about how mental illness touches us all in some way directly or through a friend, family member or colleague. Stories of lived experience are the best way to help eradicate stigma.

    Support mental health and anti-stigma programs in your community.

    Learn the origin of the 5 ways.

    Use our toolkit to help you get the conversation started.

    More Information

    Bell Let's Talk FAQ
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