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    Re: Strategies for Reading and Watching the News

    Point taken, I don't write things with an intention of starting arguments or upsetting people (sorry if I have). I just remember thinking to myself when I was younger: why is Britain in Northern Ireland shooting people with rubber bullets? Surely that's not fair on the Irish Republicans living there? I'd be angry too if a foreign power had taken over my country (yes, I know it's not the same as the conflicts raging today).

    Responding with terrorism isn't the right way, you are right. I think I've just become worn down from hearing about it all my life. I too find the recent events horrific. Maybe it's because I don't watch TV that I don't find I get panicked by all the news.

    As for avoiding the media sensationalism, is not watching TV a viable option? I'm not sure. I don't read any national or local newspapers either and really only use some news web sites to keep myself up to date (Reuters, Associated Press etc). They're not quite as sensationalist though.

    I think I'm trying to say that we shouldn't hide from the news, but somehow find other ways of getting the information that isn't sensationalist.

    Incidentally, I've always found that planting my feet on the ground and steady breathing has helped me when I have panic attacks. A counsellor once said to me that "you can't panic when you're breathing out", somehow that works for me ...

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