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    I'm a new member too

    Hi , i'm from Montreal canada, i am 25Years old and suffering from cronic skin picking, i'm glad to have found this website where i feel i can speak about my problem without being judge, cause it is hard to live in a society where you have to hide something like that, I work for a big company, in the sales department, so it is really stressfull, not helping me to cope with anxiety.

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    I'm a new member too

    Welcome, dainja :o)

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    I'm a new member too

    Thanks Lana,
    this is very sweet of you, i already feel much better by knowing that there is some people like me out there, i really needed the support, so this is why i came here, ans already Dr Baxter helped me a lot.... Thanks for the sweet words, hopefully we'll get to know each other in this forum

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    I'm a new member too

    Welcome, dainja! We're really glad you're here! :)

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    I'm a new member too

    thanks a lot thatlady,
    it feels good to be part of this forum, i'm really happy i signed up, everyone has been so nice, including you of course.... i think i will be ok with all the help

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    I'm a new member too

    Hi dainja and welcome!

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    welcome dainja,
    i hope that you find what you are looking forout of this site and that it helps you out.
    Life is all a perception. Do you see what I see? ...
    The more I fade away, the more they want me to stay...

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    I'm a new member too

    thanks you healthbound and ashley kate, it is so nice to feel welcome, already this site has help me a lot just by knowing there is people like me out there, looking forward to having more conversation with you guys....thanks again

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    I'm a new member too

    hey there. i'm a new member too. i try to check the site once a day, even if i don't reply to anything. i look around alot and read postings. i start back to school next week, so i'll have lots of excuses to be on the computer! (ha-ha...) hope our replies make you feel more at home. see you...poohbear

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