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    Friend is Man Crazy

    my friend is going through a divorce.. since the day they decided to divorce she has been on a "man Hunt"...everything from pickign up guys in stores, through friends and now looking online. I dont mean just 1 or 2. There have been at least 20 in the past 6 months. Some are just "friends" of course.

    What makes women feel like they can not live without a man. I can always tell when there is a new man in her she seem to busy to do anything. But when something goes wrong.. gues who she is calling or then finds time for.

    Any idea what makes people think and ac this way?

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    Friend is Man Crazy

    I see alot of women like this. I had a girl in my clinical group that was getting out of a bad marraige and had already found a new boyfriend, and the divorce wasn't any where near final yet! I wonder if she (your friend) has any children? I think that when I am single again (wishful thinking?) that b/c I DO have children, I will be exceptionally careful, slow and discreet about getting back into the "swing" of things. Sometimes, though, someone has been SO unhappy for SO long, and maybe SO neglected (emotionally) that all the attention is really felling great. Maybe she likes all the attention she's getting and it will wear off after a while. I do hope, that as her friend, you will be there for her, and maybe remind her to use her head, not her heart to think things through. And, as always, she needs to be gently reminded that she needs to use protection when beginning a sexual relationship. She doesn't need to wind up with a bun in the oven or an STD as a reminder of her freedom!--Poohbear

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    Friend is Man Crazy

    You are right.....She is NOT even close to divorce....He does not want one now...will cost to much money...but does not want to be with her either. I think it called wanting to be married on paper casue it is easy but not in the biblical sence. Yes, she was negleced and love the attention...and does have kids....What I can;t get is that I ALWAYS know when there is a new love in the picture, casue I never hear from her, but let something go wrong ( they never last more than a week or two) and she is calling me serveral times a day. (we used to live near each other now we live 600 miles away)

    I feel so craped on with her at when there nothing else she then needs me. I can handle more than one type of relationship at a time, seems she can't.



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