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    You Never Forget

    I wasn't suggesting that someone with ptsd is childish or childlike or anything like that. I was trying to describe the typical reaction to triggers and why it it is so destructive and debilitating and so difficult for the person triggered. It's like it takes you back to a time when you were powerless and little. Therapy helps you deal with those triggers from the now, as someone who is no longer little and powerless.

    I'm not sure I'm expressing myself very well tonight.

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    Re: You Never Forget

    I think you have expressed yourself well,I totally got what you are saying.

    It was very destructive and debilitating for me when I was triggered,it would take me right back to the traumas,to that age,so much so that I behaved as a child,became that child, while caught up in the flashbacks and dissociation.

    I had to face all those traumas and I had to accept that they really did happen,to me,in order to be set free from it.I still have PTSD symptoms,I always will,but I really believe I have found my way out of the dissociation.

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    By the way,I no longer have a dissociative disorder diagnosis.

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    Re: You Never Forget

    I'm happy to hear that.

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    Re: You Never Forget

    I was not trying to undermine the experience and challenges of people with PTSD.
    I am sorry if my post left this impression.
    I was just trying to send an optimistic message that childhood trauma is not a sentence and people have the ability to heal. For people with PTSD is likely very complicated and I understand it might not feel like a choice to ignore or forget the past.
    Human experience can be valid, even when it does not constitute clinical pathology. Fighting past traumas takes a lot of daily effort even when one doesn't have pathology.
    I am sorry for my previous replies. I guess this thread somehow triggered me to share my way to fight the past.

  5. Re: You Never Forget

    Your post i related to PrincessX i did and i did not feel you were undermining anyone i am glad you posted because i do not feel so alone now in the way i feel.

    When someone has been able to move on from the past make a new safe place an island for themselves sometimes i think it is not good to go backwards.
    i think for me what happen was when that happen my world the one i created for myself was invaded the safe world i built was not safe anymore.

    I wish i could explain but i can't if people had left me alone and not dwelled into my mind so much i would not have remembered
    i blame one person for that a person i had asked to not dwell on me but somehow that person with his skills brought everything to the surface and left me there with it.

    If i was left alone i would still be the person i evolved into a person with control without shame a person that people looked up to. but when all the past came in i could not and still cannot get back to that safe place i wish i could explain

    PrincessX i hear you i do each of us have our own way of dealing with trauma we do and what works for some does not work for others I am glad you found away to move forward and i think you are very strong i wish i could find that way back to my safe island i wish i could leave it all alone the past like i did for years and years

    No one should have that power to bring pack pain but it happened and now i have to deal with it all if it was left alone i would never have remembered the pain i really believe that

    don't get mad at me ok but i do and dam me for trusting someone when i ask him specifically do not talk about me He knew what he was doing he should have left past in the past

    New therapist i have now is helping me deal with triggers but i will never get that safe place back i have tried i just cannot find it yet. Triggers are so real pain the sadness are like i am that person from past again omg i wish the nightmare would end and LIT you have shown me perhaps it can end perhaps

    Each of us are different each heal in their own way and i am glad you both Both of you have found a path out of some of the darkness you have had to live through.
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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    Re: You Never Forget

    I am sorry if I made it seem like my way is the right way or the only way,that's not what I was trying to say at all.

    I don't have the answers for anyone else,but I do know from experience that trauma does not go away on its own,it always comes back to bite you one way or another.

    You never forget,whether it's there consciously or subconsciously,it is still there and comes back,until it is faced and worked through.There have been periods of time throughout my adult life where I have forgotten all of it and was fine,not realizing I was just dissociating, it wasn't really gone,it was all still there inside,waiting to rear its ugly head when I was triggered.I wasn't even aware that was happening,but then when I did know,I started working on changing it.

    This is what worked for me.Avoiding it and running from it didn't work.Trying to never think about it or talk about it didn't work either.And I am so glad I stuck with therapy and didn't give up because it has made a huge difference in my quality of life.

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    Princessx,it's ok,you had already stated you have no idea what it's like to live with PTSD. Maybe by participating in this thread you have gained a little knowledge about it.

    I was not upset with what you said,many people don't understand PTSD,they don't get why people can't just 'let it go','just get over it',or 'stop dwelling on it',all things I have heard through the years.

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    Re: You Never Forget

    Quote Originally Posted by forgetmenot View Post
    i think for me what happen was when that happen my world the one i created for myself was invaded the safe world i built was not safe anymore
    I am sorry for whatever it was you went through and I hope that you can find your safe place again or maybe at least find a new one.

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    Re: You Never Forget

    l have PTSD and also had Therapy, which did change the way l think about things, At times, something triggers me to think of all the hurt and makes me feel so very sad...l know l have to stop when l feel despair because thinking of all the good times we shared is extremely hard on me because l wish time would have changed my children's feelings. lt just never ends when they continue to cut me out of their life. l don't think l could ever find any forgiveness for my Ex husband for his poisonous words. l just don't understand why my children could even believe all he said, when they knew how much l loved them and kept trying to have them in my life. lt is so very true you never forget the words, actions or hurt......

  9. Re: You Never Forget

    I do believe the truth does eventually come forward and your children will see what that is and they will not forgive their father either for what he has done to you and to their trust really. I do think in time things may change especially if your children or grandchildren are able to get away from their father's influence I am sorry that he has hurt you so.
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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