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    I know a little about physical ailments, but not as much with mental ailments. It seems some have many names that relate to the original ailments. When I was high strung I was not aware I was. My wife was a nurse and worked in mental health and finally convinced me I was high strung, and to therapy I went. I then studies other mental ailments and I was surprised how they all seem to relate to each other, even more how they are created. Some are from the families line and some from stress.

    I wonder if mental ailments are taught in grammar and high school so the students can understand why these people are that a way. We all wonder and get curious about how and why it happened in the first place. Mine was from my raising and my creating my own understanding of why it was my parents fault or mine, I chose mine. From that experience I wanted to please people over my self esteem, which I did, until lately. I got to a point of using unconscious stress blindly as a excuse, then I went to therapy and learned how and why I believed and did what I thought was right for me and it was not.

    I hope they have more of these forums around, it sure did help me see, what I did not want to see. I am seriously thinking of finding a tele-writing mental health place close to where I live. I love to write and learn at the same time. high strung
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