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    Personal Borderline Personal Disorder?

    I seem to have two different personalities, one good the other bad. I am good around everyone I meet know etc. But when I am alone Mr Hyde comes to visit. When driving I get mad at bad drivers and bawl them out. If I am in a store I say nothing and bawl them out in my mind. I guess one cannot be good twenty four seven? I am a loner when by myself, yet I wonder why? I love all when I meet them and judge them when alone. I understand the word (perfect), but being perfectly human all the time has got to have it's ups and downs, are we are not human.

    Could be we are created with this humanity thought of good and bad for a reason? I am always checking in with my mind because I believe that is where my consciousness is to me. I question my reasons for being good and bad. It seem we do have a bad side, whether we like it or not. It is either God given or circumstances we our self have taken upon our self or for what ever reason. I know I cannot live my self and if I lose my wife I will put myself in a retirement home, so as not to be alone. Just a thought. high strung

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    Re: Persoanal Borderline Personal Disorder?

    Exactly, we are all human. And I don't think getting angry is "bad" at all to be honest, it's a totally normal human emotion. Maybe it even evolved in us to help us - to let us know when our boundaries are being violated and to lead us to protect ourselves. It's only if you act on it in a way that's harmful to others or yourself that it could be a problem - and having a yell in your car or in your own head sounds pretty normal and harmless to me! you're definitely not alone, that's for sure. But if you find it's causing you distress then I guess that's a different matter and I'm not sure what to suggest, sorry to not be of more help.

    I'm not sure about the God question as I don't really believe in that personally. Maybe as well as this forum it might be interesting for you to look at forums on philosophy and/or theology? There could be some good discussions on god, the mind, the soul etc.

    So sorry about your wife being sick.

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    Re: Persoanal Borderline Personal Disorder?

    She is well now. Thanks for listening. use to be high strung.

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    Re: Persoanal Borderline Personal Disorder?

    There could be some good discussions on god, the mind, the soul etc.
    Yes, the ancient theories about the psyche are fascinating even when they are far from the truth.

    Sometimes they have good points regardless of how scientific they may not be, e.g. from Plutarch:

    Some people [the Stoics] say that passion is no different from reason, and that there is no dissension and conflict between the two, but a turning of the single reason in both directions, which we do not notice owing to the sharpness and speed of the change.

    Ancient Theories of Soul (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Re: Persoanal Borderline Personal Disorder?

    Thank you I will. use to be high strung



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