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    Post Mental Illness and Terrorism or Mass Killings

    As for these shootings stabbings and car crashes, do the people who have done these things been checked for past or present mental health issues? high strung?

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    Re: Mental Illness in the USA

    Sometimes they are sent for psychiatric evaluation to determine whether they are fit to stand trial, however the privacy act limits the information that can be released which is why the news will just state they were or were not found fit to stand trial. Occasionally you may hear of a diagnosis but this is very rare.
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    Re: Mental Illness in the USA

    Thank you. high strung.

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    Arrow Mental Health Issues

    I understand if anyone hurts someone else, (there must be some reason). I know there is a privacy act concerning the patience, but if a life was involved, then the public should be told. I do not understand certain people hurting others with a gun or any weapon except, that it could be a mental illness issue.

    Ever body needs a second chance to recover from the incident regardless of the circumstances. I have not heard of any of those of late who has caused a crisis, what their reason was, like a shooting, terror, car harm etc.

    I'm for mental health to help all who needs it, regardless of the crime, to a point. Am I going overboard with this thread? high strung

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    Re: Mental Health Issues.

    You may be surprised when you read this Medscape article: Are Terrorists, By Definition, Psychotic?

    You may have to create an account (no charge) to view the article online.

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    Re: Mental Health Issues.

    Sorry Steve the program would not take my user name or password. Paul Curious-One

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    Re: Mental Health Issues.

    The gist of the article:

    When people behave in an extreme and violent manner, it is tempting to assume that they must be "crazy" or "mentally ill." So when we view the violent atrocities of groups like the Islamic State ("ISIS"), we may imagine that the perpetrators are "psychotic" or severely disturbed. But there is little evidence to support this notion, and most research on terrorism doesn't point to severe mental illness as a significant causal factor...

    In his book, The Mind of the Terrorist, Post notes that, in recent years, most religious-extremist terrorists have grown up in "a culture of martyrdom." By the time volunteers enter a terrorist cell, Post notes that "they require very little indoctrination, only technical training." In effect, religious leaders in some Arab countries have reframed suicide bombings as "martyrdom operations," which these authorities praise as the highest level of jihad. This is a powerful inducement to carrying out terrorist acts. We might consider this a kind of cultural "sickness," but it is not a manifestation of mental illness...

    These authors discount poverty and religion as major factors, noting that the vast majority of the West's 50 million Muslims do not join terrorist groups. Indeed, they write, "Even among those with radical Islamic beliefs, only a very few act on those beliefs and join a terrorist organization." No—the problem is psychological, though not one of mental illness. Haque and colleagues conclude that, "ISIS provides existential fast food, and for some of the most spiritually hungry young Westerners, ISIS is like a Big Mac amidst a barren wasteland of an existence...Who actually joins ISIS? Not psychopaths or the brainwashed, but rather everyday young people in social transition, on the margins of society, or amidst a crisis of identity."

    Medscape: Are Terrorists, By Definition, Psychotic?
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    Re: Mental Illness and Terrorism or Mass Killings

    Interesting..... Thanks, Daniel!



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