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Thread: A Voice in My Head, What is It?

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    Smile A Voice in My Head, What is It?

    I have a voice in my head, what is it? And am I the only one who does? Curious-One

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  3. Re: A Voice in My Head, What is It?

    We all have those little voices in our minds telling us things if the voice is one you are hearing though like a real voice outside your mind then talk to your doctor ok
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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    Re: A Voice in My Head, What is It?

    Hi Curious!

    Yes, if it is like an actual sound that sounds like it is coming from elsewhere, that is something to speak to your doctor or psychologist about.

    But yes, everybody has inner thoughts, inner words, inner ideas, or the inner voice. Some people call the voice or the words in our mind the "internal monologue". It is just the function of the brain manifesting. It is just the human brain forming various ideas and thoughts....

    ( It can actually be helpful sometimes remembering that our brain is not really our 'self' exactly. It is just a body part. As we know, our body parts work nicely and help us out sometimes, and other times they don't work well and may be a real pain in the neck to us sometimes!! )

    When we have had lots of good experiences, support, good learning of healthy helpful thinking patterns, etc, our brain or inner thoughts or "inner voice" can have a lot of positive enjoyable thoughts, but it still has a mixture of positive, negative, sad or worrying thoughts, etc.

    When we have had a very hard life and great stress or difficulty, and have not yet found enough good support and coping methods, activities we enjoy and things like that, our brain patterns or inner thoughts or "inner voice" may be more negative or distressing.

    There are also mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, and such, which can cause lots and lots and lots of distressing or worrying thoughts to be there very often.

    It is definitely good to tell your mental health professional what types of inner thoughts distress you, how often you have them, and how they make you feel and how you react. If it is easier you could write this information down for them or show them a screen where you have typed it out. The health professional can then help you undersand what your individual situation is, and help you learn all the various ways to cope with the thoughts and how to help them to be less severe and less often.

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    Re: A Voice in My Head, What is It?


    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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    Re: A Voice in My Head, What is It?

    Okay, I'll take a shot at this, besides depending on time zones, many are waking up with a lovely hangover.

    For years I was plagued with voices. I didn't look at it as something sinister, because the voices were not telling me to do anything, although there was a period of time in which I wondered about a Guardian Angel. That was okay because George Carlin had shared that half of the population believed there were winged creatures standing on street corners called "Angels." That leads to a whole other discussion involving what is acceptable beliefs and their relationship to sanity.

    I'd get my voices out of the blue and I remember one time sitting at my desk and typing. I experienced a voice, as if the person was sitting next to me that said, "Over the rainbow, that's where you will find your pot of gold." I remember saying "Thank you." I came to accept it as normal, normal for me.

    The danger I suppose can be illustrated by Berkowitz who got his instructions to kill from a barking dog.

    As I shared in another post, after my stroke the voices completely went away. I have to admit that life isn't near as much fun as it used to be.

    I suppose that if we look at the odd experiences we have, collectively, can make us wonder if we are outside the two dots on a line that has been designated as sanity. Being outside the dots, can be very enlightening, however dangerous depending on how serious we take it all.

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